5 Best Reasons to Knit a Scarf!

Knitting is my very favorite hobby of all time! There is nothing I love more than to poke around in my favorite LYS amidst all the soft and colorful yarn, and finger the sample projects that set my brain alight. So many things to knit; sweaters, dog coats,

5 Best Reasons to Knit a Scarf! 5 Best Reasons to Knit a Scarf!

5 Not-To-Be-Missed Knitting Stitches

In my previous post,  "3 Most Popular Knitting Stitches"   we started at the beginning. With knit and purl. There is that third popular knitting stitch which I've asked all of YOU to tell me. In this post, I want to tell you all about the 5 not-to-be-missed

5 Not-To-Be-Missed Knitting Stitches 5 Not-To-Be-Missed Knitting Stitches

Knitting A Memory In My Mind

When I was young, very young, my mother would take us to the library. Now, we had a library in the town we lived in New Jersey, but my mother came from Elizabeth, NJ and she loved going to their library. Here's a picture of it below.   Practically

Knitting A Memory In My Mind Knitting A Memory In My Mind

How Skilled a Knitter Are You?

What kind of a question is that! I'm a knitter, you'd say, and you'd be right.  Knitting for myself, for my family and perhaps friends, and I love to knit all kinds of things. Maybe you've knitted scarves or baby blankets, sweaters,  afghans or hats.

How Skilled a Knitter Are You? How Skilled a Knitter Are You?

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon Don’t ya know? We just had a blue moon. The last day of August, the 31st, was the second full moon in the month. Better known to all as a blue moon. Now that summer is coming to a close; seasons come and they go so quickly,

Once in a Blue Moon Once in a Blue Moon
Seafoam Scarf

Late Summer Seafoam Lace & Eyelets Scarf

Here's -s-s-s-s-s-s another scarf pattern! I just LOVE doing these up! Not only do I now have another beautiful scarf for when I'm out and about, but I can put it in my Etsy collection or save it for a Christmas craft fair! I found this scarf pattern on KnittingOnTheNet, which is a great knitting site,  where you can download numerous patterns … [Continue reading. . .]

Tea and meringues with scarf

Can Knitting Make You Healthier?

Yes, knitting can make you healthier! Sounds almost mystical, but having a hobby that we love, can often mute or take away pain we experience in daily living. And I'm talking about all types of pain, physical and emotional. In light of the tragedy with Robin Williams this past week, it's GOOD to focus on the positive things in our lives. And to … [Continue reading. . .]

cat peeking out of scarves

What Are YOU Knitting for Birthdays and Holidays?

Knitting is one of those hobbies that just keep looking better the more you knit. Actually I think that's how it is with most things in life; the more you do them, the better they become and the easier they are to do. Once you have the knit and purl stitches mastered, there's no reason to need to get more complicated than that. After all, there are … [Continue reading. . .]

knitted cupcake in a cup

Knit for Your Home, Happiness Guaranteed!

Have you taken a GOOD LOOK at the world of knitting lately? Besides all of the designer yarns and new sweater patterns out there, I'm finding scarf patterns that are super easy to knit and take but a few days to create. I love to tote my knitting wherever I'm going, whether in the car or to my children's homes or outside even, but I love most of … [Continue reading. . .]

Breakfast at the Inn

Create Beautiful Housewarming Knitting Gifts

When I was an innkeeper there was nothing I loved better than going from room to room and adding those little special touches that my guests would see on first opening the door. We had 10 guest rooms, so there were lots of ways for me to create beautifully memorable effects.You know what I'm talking about, that lace doily on a marble tabletop … [Continue reading. . .]

baby in a blanket

Create Beautiful Knitting Gifts

Gift giving. We love getting gifts, don't we? There's nothing that comes back to me more clearly about my childhood than getting gifts. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for getting the extra-special report card,  or losing a tooth,  or dancing the BEST recital dance that year. I L-O-V-E-D getting gifts. Must have been that narcissistic girlie … [Continue reading. . .]

craft fair

5 Reasons to Go to Knitting Craft Fairs

Ever been to a craft fair? I mean any craft fair; especially those you find in late autumn when Christmas and holiday items are the big sellers! Whether you call them craft fairs, wool fests or knitting shows,  I just love browsing slowly past each table and practically memorizing what's on each one. Some have jewelry, others handbags, still others … [Continue reading. . .]

all you knit is love

Do You Make These Mistakes When Knitting? Read on!

Mistakes? Knitting? Never! Me neither. Not me; I just kind of gloss over those little "holes" or pretend that dropped stitch will blend in with the rest of the pattern and look okay. We all knit the most perfect things; never a dropped stitch or a "hole" that appears out of the blue; we always use the exact yarn that's called for or … [Continue reading. . .]

cotton and linen yarns

Summer Knitting Secrets to Dazzle

Okay, okay, so I had lots of knitting stuff planned yesterday. You know, finishing up a knitted place mat that I've been working on forever, then adding items to Etsy such as a Christmas afghan, then working on another Winter afghan which is coming along beautifully! :)   Did I get to any of it? No. it was front and center in my mind … [Continue reading. . .]

Knitting mastery

Secrets to Knitting Gift Mastery

Tomorrow is Summer!  Isn't it wonderful! Warm, long days where you never need a sweater or a scarf, hats or mittens. Even afghans, one of my favorite things to knit, sit as decoration on the backs of chairs or sofas; waiting for the cooler weather. That doesn't mean we can't be busy knitting them. I've got two scarves on needles right now; two … [Continue reading. . .]

wrapped gifts on a cake plate

Knitting Gifts Are Perfect Every Time

Can you believe that we are halfway through the month of June already? How can that be! It seems the daffodils were just sprouting up, and the last of Winter's snow was melting. Here we are on the very edge of a new season, Summer! June 21st just happens to be my son's birthday, so I always know when the new season starts. While we bask in … [Continue reading. . .]

cat with yarns

Scratching Your Head Over Which Yarn to Use?

One of my very favorite things to do in life (aside from enjoying Christmas and holidays with my family) is to walk into a bona-fide yarn shop and browse around. It's right up there with leafing through my favorite book shops!                                Of course, from the moment you open the door your knitting senses are on fire. Because … [Continue reading. . .]

A bundle of yarns

Questions About Knitting Yarns? I’ve Got Answers!

Yarn, yarn, yarn, it's all the same, right? Fibers may be animal or man-made, but whenever I knit something, it  should look okay with whatever yarn I use. Yes??  Well, . . . not exactly. And in some cases, NO! We all know about wool and cotton yarns. These basic yarns have been around forever. Yarn is made from many different fibers. Besides … [Continue reading. . .]

stack of books

Which Knitting Books Would YOU Buy?

Did you know that if you do a search on Amazon for "knitting books", you will uncover 17,765 results?! Incredible! Which is very typical of search results for anything you are looking for. The Internet, in all its wisdom, gives us EVERYTHING we ask for! Well, almost. So, which knitting books should you buy? And why? That IS the answer. Every … [Continue reading. . .]

Shadow Figure Walking Up Stairs

Knitting Yarns for those Ghosts at the Inn

Ten years ago already, my husband and I owned an Inn in New Hampshire. Also, known as a bed and breakfast, it was a dream come true to be innkeepers! The inn itself is a beautiful, old Greek Revival home, which was built in 1853. It housed the family of Benjamin Prescott. There were ten bedrooms and private baths as well as our bedroom and … [Continue reading. . .]

simply soft light yarn

Simply Soft Light Yarn Review

In a previous post about yarn, I talked about Carons' Simply Soft yarn and why I love it so much! For me, it is just the most perfect yarn to knit with. Project after project can be knit with Simply Soft. Acrylic yarn is not always my first choice, but in this case, there's nothing bad to … [Read More...]

Book cover

Scarves and Shawls For Yarn Lovers Book Review

Simple is amazing! So says author Carri Hammett about her new book, "Scarves and Shawls For Yarn Lovers." She's absolutely right! Working with classic colors and the simplest of knitting stitches, you can create the most beautiful scarves and shawls you've ever seen. One of these days I will … [Read More...]

Beginners Guide to Knitting

The Beginners Guide to Knitting: A Book Review

You know how it is. Seems a new knitting book comes along about every hour on the hour! You just can't keep up. If you like hardcover, paperback, or digital, there is always something for you!   Just the other day, in my inbox, was a sample from Amazon for new knitting books. In … [Read More...]

Purple puffs gossamer

Lace from the Attic – A Book Review

There are so many aspects of knitting to love. Traditional knit and purl stitches create beautiful knitting projects; cable stitches bring out your expertise in afghans or sweaters; dropped stitches add to whatever you're knitting in wavy rows, and ribbing and edgings are so versatile that you never … [Read More...]

Dog tangled in yarn

Tote That Load: Yarn and All!

Does your living room look like mine? If you are a knitter, I'll bet it does. Let me guess, knitting needles strewn on end tables, instruction books willy-nilly, and of course, yarn everywhere! Oh, I organize it as best I can, but every day it gets re-arranged according to my current knitting … [Read More...]

knitting book cover

A Book Review of “Learn To Knit Love To Knit”

I know, I know, you buy the knitting needles and yarn, go online to a knitting help site, get that first stitch knotted on the needle, and think you'll learn to knit within the hour.  After two hours (if you last that long), you're thinking "there must be a better way!" Well, there is. In Anna … [Read More...]

storm damage

URGENT NOTICE – Never Be In the Dark Again With a Stitch Light!

In my recent blog post from November 8, 2012, I talked about how Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of New Jersey that I know so well.  In fact, I couldn’t even publish one word of my getting through the big blow, because for 5 days I was, too, without any electricity or cable service. To that … [Read More...]

Un panier à tricot rempli de jolies pelotes de laines

Knitting Bags for Everything and Everything In Its Place

Knitting has for me taken center-stage for many years. Really, I do believe there’s no getting through the day without the thought that somewhere along the line I will sit down with my needle and yarns. Ah bliss! So whenever I travel, my knitting comes along. And so should yours! Whether it’s a … [Read More...]

More Knitting Reviews

artsy knitting tools

3 Artsy Knitting Tools and Accessories

Do we not just love the knitting life? Kind of like Strauss' "The Artist's Life",  that most melodic of his waltzes. Filled as it is with yarn and needles, pattern books and instructions online, baskets and bags, the knitting life can get filled to the brim so we need to keep all our stash from … [Read more . . . ]

teacups and yarn

2014 . . .Can You Hear Me Now?

Really!  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years just came and went! Look behind you, there they are! This time of year is just perfect for new beginnings. It's a time to clean closets and throw out old stuff when putting away all the decorations. In my house it's such fun to decide where … [Read more . . . ]

basket with balls of yarn

A Cornucopia of Knitting Know-How, Part 1

I have very vivid memories of working in a German restaurant called The Cornucopia. It was in an old, brown house which was large enough to be an Inn, but was now just a place to get a really good meal. The dining room had tablecloths and cloth napkins, there were pretty plants in the windows, and … [Read more . . . ]

Pink yarn in shape of heart

7 of My Favorite Knitting Things

  Knitting is just such fun! Whether you are scarf knitting, afghan knitting, sweater knitting, baby knitting, Christmas knitting or any other knitting, there are countless patterns and knitting frills to keep you in stitches every day! Usually, for the most part, thoughts don’t go beyond … [Read more . . . ]

Cozy Fireplace

Curly Knitted Scarves: Why You Don’t Want Them

  Now that we are right in the middle of winter, knitting a scarf may be one of the things on your to-do list this month. Nothing is more frustrating, though, than knitting a pretty scarf only to watch it curl up like last month’s Christmas ribbon. Pretty, but not what you’re looking … [Read more . . . ]


5 Tips for Scarf Knitting

Does your newest knitted scarf look like an inner tube? Is your scarf long enough to wrap around your neck and three other people, too? Have you decided on the perfect scarf pattern and then find that the yarn is discontinued? Well, help is here. Just read on to find out my 5 tips for scarf … [Read more . . . ]

Messy puppy

Learn Knitting’s 6 Yarn Secrets

There is nothing like a good yarn, so the story goes! All jokes aside, learning any skill or craft takes time; time you should be devoting to finding out all about it. To learn knitting is no different. Just getting the hang of holding both needles at once, or working with a cable needle, or just … [Read more . . . ]

Knitted Stitches on Wooden Needles

7 Surefire Strategies to Get You Started!

New to knitting? Congratulations! Here you sit, maybe with needles and yarn in hand, excited to begin learning a wonderful, new hobby, knitting. You bought the needles, and the yarn, and even an introductory magazine to keep you company. Now what? Fortunately, you have found a little treasure in … [Read more . . . ]

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