Secrets to Knitting Gift Mastery

Tomorrow is Summer!  Isn’t it wonderful! Warm, long days where you never need a sweater or a scarf, hats or mittens. Even afghans, one of my favorite things to knit, sit as decoration on the backs of chairs or sofas; waiting for the cooler weather.

That doesn’t mean we can’t be busy knitting them. I’ve got two scarves on needles right now; two afghans I’m just starting, and I’m always looking for more! One of the BEST ways to become a master knitter is to always be knitting! Besides relaxing, you can bring your yarn and needles wherever you go. It’s just too easy!

In this post, I’ve chosen a few of my all-time favorite things to knit! They make wonderful gifts and never grow old! These are definitely ways to learn the secrets to knitting gift mastery that you’ve been searching for! You just can’t go wrong when knitting one of the following:

Dishcloths.  Knit in any cotton yarn of your choosing, these cloths are so popular and look so cute in bathrooms or kitchens. One site that I buy dishcloth patterns from is Knits by Rachel. She has dozens of cute patterns all available for instant download. You’ll soon be thinking up plenty of ideas for where you can use and give all of these patterns!

Another place to find dishcloth patterns is AllCrafts. From blackberries to butterflies, to circles of love, you’ll find all new ways to expand your knitting mastery. These patterns make beautiful gifts when packaged in pretty ways. I’m thinking bridal or baby showers!

knitted dishcloths

Scarves. Well, you don’t have to travel afar to find some gorgeous knitting patterns for scarves. Just click over to my homepage and look for Scarf Patterns in the navigation bar. There’s plenty there to keep you busy all summer long!

Placemats. My decor tends towards colonial and primitive, so I love all the little accent pieces I can find. These placemats, again from Knits by Rachel, are perfect for my dining room table. Her patterns are easy to follow, but pay attention to those borders! Just beautiful!

Blue placemat

The yarn I used for these placemats was Village Yarn Craft Cotton in Blueberry. Use a smaller size needle, such as size 4 0r 5 to really make those stitches pop!

Lastly, to take your knitting to new heights, try knitting a baby blanket. There are many patterns to choose from; keep it simple and an easy pattern to knit. Use sport-weight or soft-acrylic yarn in the colors of your choosing. Try knitting blocks of your favorite image, such as a cupcake or butterfly, and piece them together as you go.


Cupcake baby blanket

It just happens, but the more you knit, the more you are comfortable with knitting and the easier it becomes.  Pattern instructions make more sense, and even the yarn information doesn’t seem so mysterious anymore. As your confidence builds so will your knitting gift mastery.


You will always find favorite projects that you’ll knit again and again; just because you can. And, if you don’t know what to do with those leftover washcloths or blankets, just donate them to your local library or hospital. There is always someone somewhere in need!

So, what are you waiting for? Click through to find a pattern, then find some yarn in the carousel below, and get knitting! You’ll find the secrets to knitting gift mastery easier than you ever thought!

As always, take your knitting to heart!




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