3 Artsy Knitting Tools and Accessories

Do we not just love the knitting life? Kind of like Strauss’ “The Artist’s Life”,  that most melodic of his waltzes. Filled as it is with yarn and needles, pattern books and instructions online, baskets and bags, the knitting life can get filled to the brim so we need to keep all our stash from exploding into the living room! Knitting is the kind of craft that’s mobile or stationary; because it sits right in our lap wherever we are!

I’ve always had a love affair with books; just point me in the direction of a Barnes and Noble or a local book shop and I’m happy. American and British history, historical novels, mysteries, biographies, and good fiction are something I can’t get enough of. Books line my bookshelves and I look at them every day, but can never find the time (why is that!) to read more than one or two at once, and THAT takes an interminable amount of time before it’s done.

It’s like knitting; I love looking through emails I get for this pattern or that, but I’ve already got three projects going now, and four more waiting in the wings! It’s knitting overload for the brain! And this week the lovely bronchitis has decided to make a return visit; without, may I say, any invitation from me!

So, rather than give you ANOTHER pattern to knit, (and you can find plenty right here at Scarf Knitting) for the next month or so I’m keeping it light and breezy. As the weather gets warmer and warmer and breezes feel like heavy sweaters wrapped around our bodies, why do we need to think about anything more complicated than it needs to be in July? After all, these are the months we wait all year for; these lazy, hot, crazy summer days where other activities and vacations take up lots of our time.

What IS fun is finding useful knitting tools and accessories that once you own them you can’t do without! There’s more than yarn and needles when it comes to knitting. I’ve included three artsy knitting tools and accessories for you here.

Tool #1:  Clover Knit Mate Knitting Accessories Kit.

Here are all your basic knitting tools in one place. The set includes a needle gauge, stitch markers, a stitch holder, a knitting register,  large and small point protectors, darning needle and tape measure. I can’t tell you how many times these little items will be needed when you are knitting! Affordably priced and in a compact case, you can find the Clover Mate Kit right here.



Tool #2:  Assorted Contemporary Hijab Pins. You get a set of five (5) very pretty pins which you can use on scarves, shawls or any other wardrobe item. Patterns vary, but are always classically perfect for your knitting creations. With all of the scarves I’ve knitted over the years, these are a perfection addition to any one I happen to be wearing! Click on over right here to buy these. Beautiful!


Tool #3:  Large Roomy Canvas Tote Purse Beach Travel Bag. Just like pocketbooks, I can’t get enough of knitting totes. Here’s a link to my review of the Art Bin knitting tote and this tool #3 by Ever Moda is PERFECT for yarn, diapers, books, overnight and travel needs; it’s the perfect bag for wherever you are going this summer! This comes in a variety of colors (I love blue, but any of the confectionery colors are so cute!), so be sure to click on over right here to buy yours now!


Be sure to click on over to The Four Essential Knitting Tools for MORE accessories, because we can never have enough knitting stuff!


Keep your summer knitting light and breezy, just like the ocean air, and with a few artsy knitting tools and accessories, you’ll have it made in the shade!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥




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