Do You Make These Mistakes When Knitting? Read on!

Mistakes? Knitting? Never!

Me neither.

Not me; I just kind of gloss over those little “holes” or pretend that dropped stitch will blend in with the rest of the pattern and look okay.oop sign

We all knit the most perfect things; never a dropped stitch or a “hole” that appears out of the blue; we always use the exact yarn that’s called for or substitute something which works perfectly; I do increases my way and you do increases your way, what’s the difference? If love means never having to say you’re sorry, then knitting means never knitting anything but the perfect project!

Wrong on both counts! At least if you wish to sustain your love or your knitting. There comes a time when mistakes just happen. To ALL of us, even when we knit! How many rows have I ripped out, how many times have I just thrown all of the stitches OFF the needles only to start all over again?! Can you imagine??

Yes, there are those times when we stitch and we bitch and cry even over our knitting. Whole books have been written on the subject! Yet,

“The person who doesn’t make mistakes is unlikely to make anything”   Paul Arden

Knitting can be a solitary hobby or one enjoyed in groups large or small. Inevitably, we find ourselves by ourselves when trouble happens. We’re going along just fine, thank you, then look down and see a hole or the yarn doesn’t match or we don’t have the right number of stitches on our needle; YIKES!!

In any other kind of emergency, (and yes, knitting mistakes ARE emergencies!) we can dial a hotline or 911 or at the very least a relative who understands a K2tog or a YO. But, when it’s close to midnight and the stores are closed, who DO we call?


I have the answer.

When I was brand new to knitting I started knitting my boyfriend a sweater. In fact, I completed the entire thing and it looked really good. Except for that little extra flap on the shoulder where there were too many rows that had been knitted there. My boyfriend even tried it on, but that one shoulder persisted in being bigger than the other; Bob even joked he could hide his pack of cigarettes there, maybe that’s why I knit it that way. He was very grateful that I had tried my best and it was a LONG time before I ever knit another sweater and to this day, Bob, who has been my husband for the past 42 years, still wants to know when I’m knitting him another sweater! (He gave up smoking years ago; I really should surprise him one of these days.)

If only I knew the answer then, maybe my “Bob” sweater would have turned out better. But, I know the answer now.

The answer will surprise you, because it’s little. Usually we consider little things to be inferior and substandard. (Unless you’re talking diamonds.)

The answer is The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radciffe. Published in 2005 it is awash in every, and I mean every, answer to your knitting questions! At last.

This is the kind of book you can easily take along wherever you go and with whatever you’re knitting. Just throw it in your bag or pocketbook, because you’ll be needing it.


Don’t think so, just check out what’s in here:


1 – Casting On

2 – The Basics

3 – Binding Off

4 – Tools

5 – Yarn

6 – Reading Patterns

7 – Pattern Stitches

8 – Circular Knitting

9 – Color

10 – Shaping

11 – Fitting

12 – Finishing

13 – Embellishments

Captured in close to 400 pages, there are knitting answers to every knitting question! Many of these were eye-openers for me, and some I have never come across before or since.

Ms. Radcliffe even includes a Resources section in the back, with everything from books and articles, to common abbreviations, right down to garment sizing guidelines and laundry symbols. I don’t think there’s ANYTHING she’s left out!

If you own this book already, then please comment below or on my Scarf Knitting Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages. If you DON’T own this book yet,


Five stars on Amazon from hundreds of people (who knit) says it all!

Grab your copy today right here, and then for sure, you can say, I never make knitting mistakes! What are those anyway??

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥ ♥


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