5 Reasons to Go to Knitting Craft Fairs

Ever been to a craft fair? I mean any craft fair; especially those you find in late autumn when Christmas and holiday items are the big sellers! Whether you call them craft fairs, wool fests or knitting shows,  I just love browsing slowly past each table and practically memorizing what’s on each one. Some have jewelry, others handbags, still others overflow with Christmas decorations and there are always those tables strewn with yard sale items; from old candlesticks to coffee percolators.

Usually someone’s running around with 50-50 tickets and there’s always the cafeteria to visit for donuts and hot dogs, soda and hot tea. Some fairs “fare” better than others; I’ve been to some real aisle-crunchers. But, there’s always something interesting to see and I usually end up buying something!


table at a craft fair

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Then there are my true favorite craft events and fairs, the knitting kind! These you can find everywhere, every month, every season. Some are little local affairs, and others are regional events, which every knitter should go to at least once.


The life so short, the crafts so long to learn. Geoffrey Chaucer


Let me give you 5 reasons to go to knitting craft fairs. Really GREAT reasons and in no particular order.

One-of-a-kind knitting stuff. Many times vendors who sell at craft fairs, bring their treasured items ONLY to these events. They don’t sell through Etsy or any other online venue, so you won’t be seeing their knitting creations except at a craft fair. Yarn will be in unbelievably beautiful colors with swatches, patterns and tools to match. You will walk away with something not to be found in your local yarn shop, for sure!

Attend a class.  Many of the larger knitting and wool fests run times during the weekend when classes on specific techniques are given. Isn’t it fun to learn something new about knitting? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn lace knitting or intarsia but always felt intimidated by books or instructions. Classes on crochet or spinning may also be available. (I’ve always wanted to learn the art of spinning.) Now’s your chance!

spinning wheel


A Yarn Explosion! Here you will find yarn to your knitting heart’s content! Everywhere. In every fiber under heaven. Wools, cottons, silks, alpacas, mohairs, linens, and all in the most glorious colors! Try and buy just one, it’s impossible!


The Experience. Just being at these events is so invigorating. The energy of the place and all that it holds in the moment is a truly sublime sight to see. Take a break, sit and relax, watch the crowds go by and just enjoy the fact that you’re a part of it, too! Money well spent.


All your knitting friends go, too! You never know who you’ll bump into. It may be a local knitting friend or a knitting blogger or author who you’ve been hoping to meet. And there they are! It’s events like these where knitting takes a front seat!


Why wait any longer! Check your calendar, grab your friends or family, and make a date! In fact, tell them about the 5 reasons to go to knitting craft fairs and have a memorable time! Here are just a few of the upcoming events as we move into late Summer and early Fall:


Michigan Fiber Festival & Workshops   August 13-17, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan, MI

Fiber Revival  August 9, Spencer Peirce Little Farm, Newbury, MA

20th Annual New Jersey Sheep & Fiber Festival     September 6-7, Hunterdon County Fairgrounds, Lambertville, NJ

Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee  September 18-20, The Lodge at Mt. Magazine, Paris, AR

New York Sheep and Wool Festival   October 18-19, Dutchess County Fairgrounds, Rhinebeck, NY


My dog Chelsea with pink scarf

My dog Chelsea with a fun fur scarf

There are SO MANY others, I can’t list them all here. Find knitting craft fairs and wool events in your neck of the woods, and BE SURE TO GO! You’ll be glad you did. Have FUN with your knitting, you never know who will appreciate it!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥




P.S.  Be sure to scroll down to the carousel where there are beautiful specialty yarns just for you!  🙂




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