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Gift giving. We love getting gifts, don’t we? There’s nothing that comes back to me more clearly about my childhood than getting gifts. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for getting the extra-special report card,  or losing a tooth,  or dancing the BEST recital dance that year. I L-O-V-E-D getting gifts. Must have been that narcissistic girlie side of me; but to this day I LOVE getting gifts! (I actually love giving gifts more now, but that’s another story.)

Just last month I did another post about knitting gifts, which you can see here.  In THIS post I’m thinking about all of those items you can actually knit. And give as gifts. Because there’s nothing quite so thoughtful as something handmade.

Not homemade and tacky, now, I’m not talking about that. Genuine beautiful gifts that are knitted are few and far between. They just have a different “feel” to them; especially upon being opened. Wrapped with a gauzy ribbon in soft piles of tissue paper, knitted gifts are always one of a kind.

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Let’s start with everyone’s favorite: gifts for baby.

Is there anything sweeter in this world than a newborn baby?! Skin so new and so soft. Cuddle them close and smell that brand-new smell; it’s like nothing else in this world. You just want to hold them close and keep them all wrapped up in a safe cocoon all their own.

You can do that, too! Knit a simple baby blanket, blocks or a knit and purl variation in bright hues of blue, pink, green or yellow.

Here is a link to a post I wrote all about babies and blankets.  Another one is when my older grand daughter Julia turned one years old. Cupcake blankets are so cute and SO easy to knit, you just HAVE to try it!


Be sure you knit a baby blanket with the softest yarn you can find. There are so many choices nowadays; Lion Brand Creamsicle yarn is a great pick; Bernat Pipsqueak yarn in Baby Blue is another great choice. I’ve knitted baby blankets with these yarns and they are easy and so soft to use!

Or try a sport yarn in the color of your choice or in just white. Such a pretty and classic baby blanket color!                        

Is there anything more comforting than a baby blanket? Soft and smushy against your face, something to cling to in a storm or worry? And I’ll just bet there are some of you who still have theirs from years ago! It’s not something to just throw away!

In my next post, we’ll explore another knitting gift, . . . housewarming gifts. These are so special and always appreciated!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥ Be sure to check out my favorite baby yarns in the carousel below!



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