Create Beautiful Housewarming Knitting Gifts

When I was an innkeeper there was nothing I loved better than going from room to room and adding those little special touches that my guests would see on first opening the door. We had 10 guest rooms, so there were lots of ways for me to create beautifully memorable effects.You know what I’m talking about, that lace doily on a marble tabletop nightstand or a knitted afghan hung precariously over a rocking chair.

There was nothing I loved to do better than to walk from room to room especially when it was snowing or on a rainy afternoon, just checking that everything looked perfect for our next guest visit. In my travels I always found things to replace and ideas for knitting something new always came to light.

In my last knitting post, entitled Create Beautiful Knitting Gifts, I talk about ideas for knitting everyone’s favorite knitting projects, baby items. That’s the beauty of knitting and one of its best kept secrets; knitting is so very versatile and there’s a project for everyone!                       secret button

One of my favorite knitting items for the home:

The table runner. Isn’t this one a beauty?  So soft, and so EASY to knit. Just think how appreciated it will be when given as a gift? And, WHO doesn’t have a table, White table runnerhmmm?

In fact, make one for yourself, too, because these knitted table runners are just too good to give away! Projects like these are best knit with a cotton yarn; something soft and pliable and washable.

Some of my table runners I’ve had for years, just taking them from home to home; New Jersey to New Hampshire to Pennsylvania to New Jersey, again. They are easy to store and a pattern such as this one is classically beautiful, especially when knit in different colors. Try colors for each season and see!

Another favorite housewarming knitted gift are wash cloths.

Wash cloths or spa cloths or whatever you wish to call them look just perfect tucked into that bare corner in your bathroom or hallway. Again, knit in cotton yarn there are numerous patterns that I can give you that knit up in an afternoon or evening. I have knitted dozens of these to sell at craft fairs or to give away as gifts for brides or babies.

I have knitting patterns for all types of washcloths; Spring, Winter, Weddings, Fruits, and lots more! These, in the basket, are Primitive Cloths all knit up in colonial colors such as deep red, sage green and old-fashioned cream.                          dishcloths in colonial colors

You can display your washcloths anywhere; a few placed just so on a bathroom counter or sitting in a display “case” such as the one seen here. Little touches. They mean so much.

Placemats are also some of my favorite housewarming things.

This is one of my favorite patterns.

blue placemat

So easy to knit in ANY color and make two or four, or more! What is more fun when watching television than to be knitting?! Especially through those interminably long commercial breaks; instead of waiting for your show to come back, you can be making some real headway on your knitting. Such fun, and so productive; soon you’ll be taking your knitting everywhere!


My favorite housewarming gift of all are afghans.

If you don’t believe me, just look at my Etsy shop. Through the years afghans (aka knitted gems) have always held my interest more than any other knitted project! Afghans can be knit all as one piece or in blocks or in long strips; however you choose to knit one, be sure to find a pattern today and start knitting!

Afghans are one of the NICEST gifts you can give anyone! Always useful, they adorn every room and every decor.  I just couldn’t live without mine!

How about you?                          Gold afghan on rocker

I love my afghans when the winter winds are blowing or during a summer thunderstorm. My little dog Scooter, loves to be tucked under one when he sleeps on the couch in the evenings. (That’s his little “green guy” on the rug in front of him.)  Make one for you and eScoots and Mr. Greenvery one you know! Most often I use soft acrylic yarn, but homespun or wool blends work just as well!

Housewarming gifts are not always the easiest to buy; most often we settle on something that is not really what we want, but we can’t seem to find anything appropriate. Whether it’s a new home, a first home or another home, housewarming knitting gifts are right from the heart!

Most of these patterns can be done up in a weekend or two. If you know ahead of time, when moving day will be, then no worries! Just keep knitting!

If you would like the patterns for any of these housewarming gifts, just go to my Scarf Knitting Facebook page and leave me a comment about it. Some are my own patterns and some are patterns I’ve acquired from some pretty talented knitters out there!  Let’s get talking on social media!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥

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