Today’s Crazy Knitting Terms

Have you been to your local LYS lately? I used to have (and probably still do, somewhere) a magnetic sign for my car that read, “K2tog.”  Just one of those enigmatic knitting symbols that we see in pattern books all the time. Woman in dungeon knittingAlmost mysterious to those who have no idea what it means.

Those are two of knitting’s most popular terms. There are many more abbreviations; some of which we see all the time and some of which we hardly ever use or need.

I thought I would be snowed in by about 30+ inches by this time; but the “blizzard of 2015” passed us by.  I talked all about this, in my last blog post. Whew!! I don’t mind a little snow; amounts of 5″ or 6″ is okay by me. But those big storms are just as destructive as hurricanes and leave incredible damage behind.

So, we woke up to about 4″ of fluffy white stuff. Too soft for snowman building, (as my grand daughter Julia quickly found out!), but with the cold air that came rushing in behind it, made for some slippery sidewalks and streets. Now the cold air has settled in for a while, so this is the perfect weather for knitting! 🙂

If you’re looking for a new pattern to knit, chances are one of the first things you do is to glance over the knitting information that comes with each knitting pattern. Besides the yarn and needle info you’ll need, there are also those knitting terms that are unique to each knitting pattern. Depending on the intricacy of the instructions, some of them can look like today’s crazy knitting terms!Knitting Pattern

WHAT do I do with these?

Usually, patterns will include those abbreviations either in the pattern endnotes or if in a magazine or book, then in the index or one of the appendices. Often if you download a pattern or find something online and print it out, there are no abbreviations included. 🙁

So just for a handy reference, I’ve included a table of knitting terms below. Feel free to print them out and keep them in your knitting stash. Sooner or later you will refer to them!

Knitting Abbreviations

Knitting AbbreviationDescription
BOBind off
COCast on
cncable needle
dpndouble pointed needles
LHleft hand
RHright hand
MCmain color
St ststockinette stitch
wyibwith yarn in back
pssopass the slipped stitch over
WSwrong side
Sl stslip stitch
K2togknit 2 together
P2togpurl 2 together
SSKslip, slip, knit those 2 sts tog.
RSright side
yfwdyarn forward
M1make one stitch

These little knitting terms are things we knitters use every time we sit down to knit. Most of these are everyday knitting terms; there are many more which I haven’t included here. Perhaps in another post.

So the next time you see “yo, k2tog” or “slip the next st kwise”, you’ll know what it is and how to make that happen!

Enjoy your knitting and as always, take your knitting to heart!  Glitter heartP.S. Be sure to visit your LYS (local yarn shop) very soon!


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