Knit for Your Home, Happiness Guaranteed!

Have you taken a GOOD LOOK at the world of knitting lately? Besides all of the designer yarns and new sweater patterns out there, I’m finding scarf patterns that are super easy to knit and take but a few days to create. I love to tote my knitting wherever I’m going, whether in the car or to my children’s homes or outside even, but I love most of all to knit in my home. Something to be said about knitting on my comfortable couch with my favorite lamps and TV or music playing.

So, it easily follows that there MUST be items to knit for your home. You bet there are! Dozens and dozens of beautiful patterns that are perfect to knit for your home, happiness guaranteed!

So far in this little series of blog posts about knitting gifts, I’ve talked about baby gifts in this blog post, and housewarming gifts in this blog post.

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Here I would love to introduce you to some of knitting’s less well-known patterns. It seems if you can think it up, you can knit it, too! Who would have ever thought to knit food?

Cupcakes, like these were finished in a day, and yes I knitted them myself! Easily done, too.

knitted cupcakes

knitted cupcake in a cupHow about a knitted curtain for a porch window or a back door? You know those places where store-bought curtains just don’t seem to work very well? Those oddball spots in our homes where a handmade touch makes all of the difference! I just love to fill little tables and hutches with a smattering of precious items surrounded by my knitted creations.

Years ago, who EVER thought of actually knitting things like curtains? knitted curtain

There’s always room for something knitted on a front door or a back porch, AND you could make a series of curtains for your porch or sun room. I used cotton yarn for these, because cotton works up beautifully for curtains. You have your choice of colors, always.

Another very cute project you can knit for your home is a little lacy overhang for any shelf. This one is on one of my hutches. knitted shelf decor Or you could place it all around an ottoman, such as you see in the picture below. With these little shelf liners, I use a crochet yarn which is thinner and knits up on size 4 needles, very lacy.

knit border for ottoman

One more knitting project for any home is an oven hanger. knitted oven hanger

These are so pretty and spice up a very overlooked place in your kitchen. I mean, who ever thinks about the oven except when it’s cooking something? Other than that, it just stands there, so put it to good use!

In every knitting site and magazine I look at, there are many, many knitting patterns for your home. Some of them are good to very good, and some of them are not-so-good to downright awful. Knitting pillows, curtains, place-mats, dishcloths, rugs, tea cozies (which I haven’t done yet), shelf decorations, “food”, bears, toys, and other dolls are great additions to yours or anyone’s home. After all, it’s the little touches that make a home special.

And THAT’S another secret to knitting! Knit for your home, happiness guaranteed! But we already knew that.

As always, take your knitting to heart! ♥

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