How Do You Knit a Scarf?

I’ve been knitting! Which is a good thing, to quote a certain homemaking queen, but that simply means I haven’t been writing. Last week, I just had to take a break. Nothing helps to reset your inner creative clock then taking a break from what you do all of the time. Maybe end of summer musings, maybe feeling as if I couldn’t put down in words what I wanted to say. Either way, I just felt safer in my knit-and-purl world.

This morning I’m out to the yarn store ( aka LYS) to find some mohair yarn for my newest scarf. It looks like a beauty, too! Peacock Jewel, it’s called, and it couldn’t be lovelier. This scarf can be worn as either a scarf or a wrap, don’t you just love those?! You can find all of the instructions (free) at Knit Designs by Caroline.  This will be really something to see!

I can remember when I was a kid and my mother wrapping one of her scarves around my neck and face for my walk to school. (You remember Ralphie and Randy in A Christmas Story?) Seems that was all scarves were good for. But not anymore!

Now, you can wear scarves anyway, in any place! They’re not just rooted out for Fall and Winter; now we use them all year round. And, for good reason! They are the PERFECT accessory. I can’t have enough scarves? So, the million dollar question has to be:

Just how do you knit a scarf?

First off, you’ve got to decide on WHAT TYPE of scarf you wish to knit. Do you want it to be long or short? With fringe or no fringe? Very wide or a skinny little neck ditty?

Secondly, what color and knit stitch are you using? HERE is another knitting secret!  Color is one of the most, if not the best indicator, of what we buy or wear. Colors explodingYou can check this out in one of my book reviews, Dreaming in Color  all about Kaffe Fassett’s love of color in all crafts! Take a simple knit-and-purl stitch and combine it with a certain yarn, and you have created knitting magic!

You don’t have to be complicated or pull your hair out over difficult knitting stitches. Use color with specific yarns and play with it! Soon, you’ll be coming up with your own knitting ideas. Looking for some ways to get you started? Here’s another book review for that.

Third, who are you making this scarf for? Because, then you’ll know what type of yarn to use. Mohair, soft and fuzzy isn’t great for a man, any more than a stiff grey wool would be a woman’s first pick. (I know it’s not mine.) For children, stick with warm and soft to the touch.

Fourth, and finally, gather up your tools and start knitting!

Pinkish Scarf

I prefer choosing knit stitches, to working a specific pattern; but that’s just me, and you can knit a scarf as you like. Again, keep it simple and stunning! The more scarves you knit, the more ideas will come to you whenever you see other scarf patterns. It will be just a matter of implementing these for yourself!

So, there you have it. How DO you knit a scarf? One, two, three, four little steps.

And oh! Don’t forget to bind off, weave in your loose ends, fringe (or not), then wear what you knit! Wait for it . . . . . compliments!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥


P.S. Click here and here for some of my FAVORITE yarns!


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