Here Come Those Special Knitting Holidays

October. That most beautiful of months. Mornings are usually cold, followed by afternoons kissed by the sun’s rays, then nights that become crisp and clear again. Well, not every day; but enough to make your thoughts turn to fireplaces, afghans, and cozy corners of your home as you settle down indoors to knit.     knitting pattern on white yarn

Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah and Christmas, culminating in New Years Eve. All special days, some even holy days, but all worth celebrating with family and friends. So, with October on the wane, here come those special knitting holidays.

Seasons come and seasons go.

This time of year has always been my favorite, leading right up to my most favorite holiday of all, Christmas. From the time I was little Christmas has always been magical in a way, and very important to me. I guess that would be because I always remember favorite people in my life, such as my maternal grandmother and my mom, always making things from scratch. Whether it  be bread or cookies, or crocheted tablecloths. That desire to create beautiful things was instilled in me a long time ago. Being that I was never any good in art class or math, I eventually found my niche in needlework. First, needlepoint and cross-stitch, then in knitting.

Knitting is a world unto itself! There’s no end in sight to all the gorgeous yarns and patterns just waiting for me! And for you, too!

Knitting becomes especially meaningful once autumn leaves begin seriously falling. Then, I know summer is done, like some stale doughnut left out on the counter overnight. All that’s left of it is to toss it out. But, in summer’s place comes a magnificent season!

All gold and red; orange and bright yellow, tawny brown and shades of sunlight. When we lived in New Hampshire, there was a little grove of trees right in front of the old barn next door. Whenever we wanted to walk up the old road adjacent to the barn, we had to cross over that grove. In October I always referred to it as the “golden arbor”, because that’s exactly what it looked like. Golden leaves in fall I don’t know whether these were beech trees, birch trees, or poplars, maples or sweetgum, but they were ALL bright yellow and so beautiful!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas

Halloween is all orange and black, ghostly and vampir-ish. There are many items to knit for Halloween. From pumpkins to costumes, knitting for the season of the witch could keep you busy all month long.

By the time we head into November you just know your knitting time is getting seriously limited. There’s still time to knit a classically beautiful table runner for your Thanksgiving table. Or the placemats to go with them. Or maybe a nice cozy sweater for when you run the dogs out late at night? Hmmm?

For Christmas, you can knit up ornaments or a child’s stocking; or a beautiful pillow with a menorah knit right into it. There are coasters and dreidel’s, too. In fact, the list goes on and on. Things we never thought we could knit, well, someone has come up with a pattern and now they too, are doable. A sparkly New Years scarf can be worn again and again, or you might try your knitting hand at a 2015 sampler.

I love checking out Pinterest (and you can find me there, too) or Ravelry, a favorite site for finding knitting ideas. In case you’ve forgotten, there’s always that closet or bin in your home which is overflowing with old patterns and magazines.  egg in a pink knitted scarf It’s a sure bet you’ll come up with some holiday ideas right there!







Be sure to let me know what knitting ideas YOU come up with for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years?! Comment here or friend me on Facebook and Twitter! And see the carousel just below for some BEAUTIFUL holiday yarns!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥



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