Christmas Patterns to Knit

It’s Friday once again! This week has been a tough one. Difficulties with jobs, cellphones, and wondering about the future (you know all the news about Ebola, etc.) and it makes me want to just pick up my knitting needles and go crazy! Do nothing but knit! Knit until all my stash is gone. Until I can wrap my “scarf” all the way around my house! Just keep knitting and not pay attention to the lunacy beyond my front door.

Knitting keeps me sane.

That said, Christmas is coming. Soon.  Snowman with Gift And all I want to do today is share a few knitting patterns with you. Fun and easy stuff. To keep or to give away! Which is more fun anyway? 🙂

Here’s a link to my Christmas Treasure Scarf. Something I wear ALL  the time when it’s cold outside. They say, it’s going to be another cold winter; so don’t delay. Knit yourself up some scarf comfort, now!


Knitting patterns to knit are many and varied. Take your pick.


Because I love scarves so much, there are lots of patterns to see, but I love to knit just about anything. If you think other projects are too difficult, think again! I taught myself to knit everything you see here and on my website. And if I can do it, you can too.


Here’s my Apple Orchard Scarf, one of the best things I’ve knitted in a long time!  Apple Orchard scarfLion Brand Landscapes yarn is just gorgeous! The variety of colors will stop you in your tracks, but just pick one and knit it!

Here’s an oldie but goodie! My Feather and Fantasia scarf. SO easy to knit in feather-and-fan stitch. Silver and lavender are one of my favorite color combinations. ( Can’t you just see that in an evening gown!) But, Simply Soft yarn has a beautiful lavender that is perfect for this pattern.

Last, but not least, here is a post with baby patterns. Absolutely some of my best fun knitting these! And they will be for you, too. Julia Dress


Little dresses for little girls and baby blankets never grow old. Place them tenderly away and they are heirlooms for years to come. And for newbabies.

Just a few links from the past. You can find more at Scarf Knitting. So, let me get back to my knitting. Check out my Facebook or Twitter pages to see what I’m up to knit-wise! There’s something new to see.

As always, take your knitting to heart! ♥





P.S.  Scooter, my little guy, says hello! Isn’t he just the cutest?  You see that little green toy? He can’t live without it!

Scoots and Mr. Green

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