Not a Knitting Needle in Sight

There are some things we all love to do. Special things, journeys or adventures we take once in a lifetime, or do yearly or on a regular basis. For us, it’s making our yearly trek to Peddler’s Village in Lahaska PA. We love going there and there’s not a knitting needle in sight!

We travel out Rt. 195 to 295, then 95 and over the bridge into Pennsylvania. Down the exit ramp and along Rt. 532 to Rt. 32, through Washington Crossing State Park, following the canal all the way into New Hope. A pretty little town with tiny little shops, one next to another, where you can lose yourself for hours just browsing from one spot to another.

Turn left at the stop-light onto Rt. 179 and travel down the road for a few miles to the winery. Then another mile or so up the road and you’re at Peddler’s Village. All the while you’ve been driving through Bucks County, one of the most picturesque places I know. Follow the Delaware, homes made of stone and brick, fields and hills aglow in late October’s brilliance.

After three days of rain, it’s a wonder the sun finally made its appearance again on Friday. But it did, and the temps made it into the low 70’s, which made it just perfect for walking all around from one shop to another. In-between, little vignettes of scarecrows and pumpkins sat in front of many businesses.

Peddlers village

Birds and Pumpkins


Peddlers village

Little Waterfall


Some of the displays are very original and look like they took a lot of work to prepare. Like this one:

Peddlers V Decoration

Fashion Plate








Below is a picture of my son Rob and his Julia, she’s 2-1/2 already! Just loves to travel in the car and look at all kinds of news things, like pumpkins and goats, horses and gazebo’s.


Rob & Julia

Rob & Julia

Then there’s Lisa, my daughter-in-law and Marisa who will be a big #1 in early December. That is unbelievable, too!

LIsa and Marisa

Lisa and Marisa




I just love walking around and window-shopping. Here’s a window that’s perfect for that! Just different colored glass displayed in their big picture window. Makes you want to walk in, doesn’t it?

Glass in a window

Glassware in a window






Now this photo looks likes a painting or a postcard, doesn’t it? But, it’s the real thing! And, it’s one of my favorite little nooks in the whole Village. Just a simple walkway in-between stores heading out to the street beyond. But, it looks like it goes on forever, into a mysterious place, one we can’t see and can only imagine!


Brick walkway

Magic walkway


Just beyond the gazebo, there is one of the best places to visit, (well, ALL the shops are special!), it’s the Pine Wreath & Candle Christmas shoppe. Two floors of Christmas magic, with everything you can think of for the holidays and then some! Candles, soaps, ornaments, wall hangings, specialty items, dolls, angels, bears, trees, — so much so that you’ll be lost in a corner for an hour at least, deciding what to buy! I guarantee it.

Christmas shoppe

Pine Wreath & Candle





Here’s the old waterwheel on the side of one of the shops, just turning and turning.     It’s just up a little hill from the gazebo where, believe it or not, there was a wedding about to start. In fact, many customers were stopping and waiting for the ceremony to begin. And sure enough, Pachelbel’s Canon commenced, then instead of the traditional wedding march, the bride had chosen, “At Last” for her walk down the grassy aisle. And it was warm enough that those sleeveless bridemaid’s dresses to be quite comfortable!













It was a beautiful afternoon for sure! We stayed until dusk then headed to the car for the drive home. We’ll be back for the Christmas lights, that’s for sure!



Did I mention that it was also my birthday? A special day in every way! And not a knitting needle in sight!

















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