Book Review – The Knowledgeable Knitter

Knitting has so many facets to it; you could say it shines like a yarn mosaic! Sparkling gems There’s so much to know and so many different ways to learn knitting. You could concentrate on knitting stitches, or yarns, accessories, knitting patterns, books and magazines, and knitting websites and blogs. There is SO much information available to us knitters.

The secret, of course, is figuring out which info is good and which is just so much fluff.   I love knitting yarnThat’s why I L-O-V-E when new knitting books come out; not only do I get to purchase a new book, but there’s new learning to be had; learning all about knitting.

I’m NOT a knitting expert.

But, I do LOVE knitting. So every chance I get, I’m picking up my yarn and needles and browsing around for new patterns and stitches. Occasionally, I come across something really challenging. And that’s good! We should all stretch our minds once in a while. Go for that new thing; believe that we CAN do something. That’s half the battle right there!

If you want to become an all-round master knitter, someone who knows not only the terms but they ways and techniques that knitting encompasses, then by all means you’ll want to get the book entitled The Knowledgeable Knitter: Understand the Inner Workings of Knitting and Make Every Project a Success.
The author, Margaret Radcliffe, has been a knitter for over 50 years. Ms. Radcliffe knows knitting techniques; she also has developed patterns that know the secret to knitting: make something look really complicated by using the simplest of stitches and knitting skills. She loves to focus on getting everyone, whether a well-seasoned knitter or someone who has just picked up their first pair of knitting needles, to understand what knitting entails.

In fact, Margaret Radcliffe has also authored one of my favorite little knitting books, The Knitting Answer Book, which you can find in this post. If you’re looking for a knitting 24-hour hotline, this book is it!

But, back to The Knowledgeable Knitter: Understand the Inner Workings of Knitting and Make Every Project a Success. Every knitting project is different. Even something so simple as a scarf has its complexities. Especially when we knit a garment such as a sweater or vest, dress or afghan, our stitches can all come out fine, yet, when the finished product is put together, it’s a whole other story. You can’t imagine what you did wrong.

Then, what happens?

We stick that knitting project away, far away, and never think about it again or when we do we’re convinced that we are a lousy knitter! Am I right?

But the question you should be asking yourself is, “what could I have done differently”, or “what didn’t I know about this particular knitting project? ”

Because knowledge IS power.

And knitting knowledge is a special kind of power! One that will have you being successful in your knitting more often than not. And planning knitting projects is equal to them coming out successfully.

In The Knowledgeable Knitter, Margaret Radcliffe runs through EVERY aspect of understanding how each knitting project works. From Chapter One, you’ll learn all about yarn, needles, gauge and measurements. Chapter Two talks about planning your project, from casting on to perfect finish. Lacy knitting pattern Chapter Three teaches you how to modify your work; all the way from switching out needles, to changing colors and stitches. Chapter Four takes you through shaping and fitting your garment. Chapter Five shows you how to understand knitting instructions and what to expect in the middle of a knitting project. Chapter Six offers honest solutions and fixing mistakes. Chapter Seven is putting it all together. Finally, Chapter Eight is all about borders, bindings and embellishments.

There’s also a glossary, abbreviations, symbols, and further reading as if the rest of the book wasn’t enough! Did I mention beautiful pictures, charts and graphs that will really tie knitting all together for you?!

The Knowledgeable Knitter is a comprehensive knitting book, filled to the brim with making your knitting become the sensations it can, and should be! Click on over to buy your copy right now! And be sure to enjoy the reviews that can’t say enough good stuff about The Knowledgeable Knitter!

I remember when I first went to dancing school. I didn’t know a plie from a releve, and was in awe of all those “older girls” who could dance ballet so perfectly! Through the years (fifteen of them), I learned steps and positions, then combinations and dances so well that I became one of those “older girls” who could dance beautifully. But, it took technique and knowing what I was doing.

Click the picture to become your own knitting expert today!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥




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