So You Think You Know Red Heart Yarn

Knitting yarn is everywhere. And you don’t need to be inside to see it; look around your favorite parks and haunts and you just may see some yarn dangling here and there. I’ve noticed it even in Halloween decorations, stringing one set of lights to another or keeping all those pumpkins and ghosts close together.

NYC BrownstoneI’ve been in New York City as of late, visiting my mother-in-law at Beth Israel Medical Center where she is recuperating from several strokes following knee surgery. One thing about the city; it surely helps to take away the stress of the current situation, when you drive through it. Just the frenzy of the place itself; people barely standing at street corners, waiting to pounce across the street the second your car passes by; trucks and cars inevitably double-parked where they don’t belong; and that lone, loud car horn which blasts from somewhere behind you when that person has decided we’ve waited long enough in a line that will not move!

There are always street markets, like those set up at Union Square Park on a Saturday, or tree-covered little streets, such as Cherry Lane in the West Village; (which is actually Commerce Street where the Cherry Lane Theatre is located.) A wisp of a road, something to miss if you’re not paying attention. NYC LennonThat’s the beauty of New York City. So much to see, so little time!

One of these days I’ll do some yarn-crawling, to places such as Downtown Yarns on Avenue A in the East Village, or the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on W. 15th. I love the feel of yarn in my hands!

For now, I’d like to talk about a few yarns which seem to have always been there, yet, now have a brand new look and feel!

Have you taken a look at Red Heart yarns lately?

Yes, that Red Heart!
They always seemed like those ubiquitous yarns to be found in any yarn or big-box store; but there’s a whole new look to these yarns and so much versatility! It drives me crazy! After all, how many knitting projects can you have going at one time?

For openers, there’s Red Heart Super Saver yarn. One hundred percent acrylic and you can make just about anything from this yarn. Very affordable and comes in SO many colors. (Be sure to check the carousel at the bottom of this post for links to all these great yarns!)

Either I haven’t been paying attention or something, but Red Heart snuck in another yarn called their “Soft” variety.

And soft it is! Perfect for sweaters, afghans, baby items, you name it! This yarn is also 100% acrylic, and comes in beautiful colors!

Besides their Holiday yarn, which comes in all shades of festive colors, there is also Red Heart’s Shimmer line. Just looking at this yarn on the shelf, and I have to buy it! It’s that pretty! Comes in gorgeous colors that will have you thinking about another knitting project on the spot.

One amazing Red Heart yarn is their Boutique brand. Boutique comes in different varieties such as Chic, Eclipse, Magical, Sashay, Treasure and Unforgettable, to name SOME of the Boutique yarns. They are all affordably  priced (for when you need 9 balls and don’t feel like laying out $175). I’ve used many of these Boutique yarns and they are great! 🙂

For those little ones we love to knit for there’s Red Heart Baby Love, Anne Geddes Baby, and Baby Econo, all in the prettiest of pastel colors. The yarn is acrylic and soft to the touch. You can knit just about anything you can think up for babies, toddlers and children.

If you’re ecology-minded, Red Heart offers an Eco-Ways yarn, which is 70% acrylic and 30% recycled polyester.

For all you sock knitters, there’s Heart & Sole, a 70% Superwash Wool and 30% Nylon yarn.
There is a hint of aloe vera throughout for the smoothest of touches. The color combinations are so cute, too!

Just one more yarn to tell you about . . . Red Heart Comfort yarn. It comes in a variety of colors both solid and prints. Wouldn’t that make a pretty block afghan in the different colors and textures!? Hmm . . . there’s another knitting idea.

I must admit, when I’m yarn-hunting I usually look past the Red Heart yarns. Maybe because they’ve all just been there for so long I forget to notice.

Not anymore! Between the colors, sheens and textures, there is something for every knitting project. So the next time you’re looking for yarn, be sure to find the Red Heart.

In the meantime, I’ll see you on Facebook or Twitter or in traffic! NYC traffic



Until next time, take YOUR knitting to heart! ♥



Be SURE to scroll below to the carousel and pick out your favorite Red Heart yarn today! Or pick one and make it your new favorite! :|)








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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I learned to knit while in highschool. My teacher was expecting and I wanted to give her a baby blanket that was gender neutral..It was Red heart Yarn in the color Sunny Yellow. The pattern was a series of graduated outline boxes , from small to large in size. It was a surprise for her, since the class gave her a baby shower in class one morning. Every one brought a gift for the baby. I had purchased an outfit to go with the blanket.

    Right now I have a baby sweater on my needles since this one will be here in March. It will be another boy so my color choice was a deep blue called marina from Knit Picks. It is in the Swish Superwash but DK in weight. The pattern I am using is one I bought from Christie Hill on Ravelry called the Seamless Braided Cable Baby Sweater. I am almost finished and found a problem I have to undo several rows to fix. Such is knitting.

    • Hi Julia,

      Oh yes, I’m very familiar with those problems (sometimes backtracking takes all the time I’ve set aside for knitting, so there you go!)

      Wasn’t that a sweet gift to give a teacher and one she would not be expecting? (No pun on words intended)

      I learned to knit when in high school, too! My best girl friend’s mother was a very craftsy woman, besides knitting she also was a weaver and spinner. Because she was always buying through Herrschner’s we bought a couple of afghan kits and learned how to knit and purl with those. It was little by little and then for years I put aside knitting for needlepoint and filled my home with beautiful pictures and pillows.
      Then, one day I just went back to my needles and bought new yarn, and realized how I LOVE to knit!
      Aren’t the yarns available today just beautiful? We can’t knit fast enough for all we can create!

      Alice 🙂

  2. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I finished the sweater except for sewing buttons on it.I found some buttons at Joann’s that look like little baby bottles, rocking horse, a baby outfit, a rattle and a stork carrying a bundle. Then I took the left over yarn from the sweater, I knitted a little hat complete with a pompom on top.I also planning on a pair of baby socks to go with it. I still have 1skein of the yarn left so I have plenty of yarn to work with.

    • Julia, that sweater sounds adorable!
      Thanks for inspiring me to schedule a new post on what to do with that leftover yarn!
      If you can, please post pictures of these baby treasures.

      Enjoy your knitting!