Be Thankful for Your Knitting

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to get my house in order. You know, finding a place for everything, organizing my junk, and throwing out what’s no longer needed. This includes my knitting, too. Once my stash gets too overcrowded in the large armoire I keep it in, Armoire with knitting stashand starts gushing out like the waves in Seaside Heights at high tide, then I know it’s time to trim the fat once again.

That’s the joy of knitting; knowing that behind the door there IS yarn for another project! Don’t have enough of one color, then knit something in multiple colors and use up more stash yarn. Alas, my fingers and my time just don’t have the flexibility to go any faster and the stash builds up while my knitting projects poke along.

How about you? 🙂

So, in all that “home-keeping”, I came across an article from The New York Times from ten years ago already. Entitled “A Pastime of Grandma and the ‘Golden Girls’ Evolves Into a Hip Hobby“, I knew I had to share it with my readers. Ten years is not such a long time ago, yet, in Internet time it seems like an eternity has passed by.



“These days, young women knit during their lunch breaks, on the subway and in cafes. Trendy coffee shops offer knitting classes and sell yarn.”

In an earlier post, I talked about “Why Women Knit“; from the learning and the mistakes, to the beauty and the health benefits, and my wish would be for knitting to be done in every home! How THAT would change our lives!

In the NY Times article, the author brings up the #1 perception that comes to mind when anyone thinks about knitting. It’s for old ladies! Not! Knitting’s popularity has risen and fallen with the economic times; that being said, there is just something SO fulfilling about knowing a beautiful craft and creating beautiful things from that craft.

With the influx of numerous new yarns and trendy yarn shops, you can wander into a knitting store and find there so much more than yarns and needles on the shelves. Women (and men) come and go to sit down and learn a new knitting technique or to bring their knitting with them and be with other knitting companions. Ideas flow from one knitter’s brain; put four or five together and the results can be truly amazing.

I have always endorsed a life of making things with our hands. From knitting to baking to painting, woodworking, jewelry, soaps, candles and seasonal items, there is something for everyone! It IS time well spent. When done in the company of family or friends, the benefits are inestimable. Teaching your children, your grand-children things that go beyond smartphones and shopping malls, will give them an advantage in life that is priceless!

For me, it begins with that first stitch. First knitting stitch on the needle Many times I will create that first knot and marvel that from this humble beginning a great knitting creation is being born! If you think about it, that’s exactly what happens. The best part of all of this, is that you can keep,  . . . or give.

With the world in such chaos, with so many millions in need of basic necessities, knitting has its place. Knitting is right up there with all the best DIY trends that populate our lives. Only, knitting is not a trend; even if the latest knitting best seller tries to tell you so, in order to sell more books. It’s been around forever and for good reason.

So be thankful for your knitting. It is a craft which not everyone has an interest in or learns to do well. But, when used to its fullest, knitting makes such a difference not only in our lives, but in countless, unknown ways to others we know well,  and some whom we will never know.

Keep in mind that every time you cast on, you’re in good company! All around the world people are doing the exact same thing. Just like those whistling tea kettles that are singing in unison to mine, so it goes with needles and knitting yarn.

As always, take your knitting to heart!     Glitter heart


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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    My stash of yarn is not as big as some other ‘s stash.1 tub of yarn and a partial filled one. I keep adding to it but I keep making something with yarn from the stash so it never goes down. Knitting also keeps my blood pressure down. My doctor likes that. He is always asking about what I am working on. I currently have a baby blanket on the needles I need to get finished, so I can get it and the layette set in the mail to Her this week. Her Dr. is going to induce labor on the 18th . A soon as the blanket is finished, I have some receiving blankets to make.Take 1 1/4 yard of two coordinating fabric and stitch around, leaving an opening for turning right side out,then top stitch all the way around. Once they are washed, they become very soft. Flannel makes the best ones..