Finding New Knitting Products To Try

Knitting is yarn and needles, right? And maybe a pattern thrown in for good measure?

Well, not hardly. 🙂

Knitting is SO much more than mere yarn and needles. That’s what makes it such a F-U-N hobby! There’s always something new to buy and use.  soft yarnWhether you are sixteen or sixty, knitting never grows old. The beauty of creating if what makes knitting so special to me!

So, here’s my question to you:  Where do you find new knitting products to buy?

They’re all over the place, for sure. Do you have favorite websites that feature these products? How about knitting magazines? The really good ones are chock-full of knitting information every month. Purchase too many of these at once, though, and you’ll be so stuffed with new ideas, that you may end up doing (or knitting) nothing, because of the overload. But, pick a pattern and go for it!

For myself, I love to check out knitting sites that offer new and current ideas that teach me something, and also that have projects that are very do-able! That right there is another secret to knitting; it’s fine to read all about it, but if you can’t master knitting stitches and easy techniques, then you will just walk away and probably will not return. knitting cable stitches


I’ll give you 3 places where I love to check out knitting products!


Knitting Magazines.  Love these. One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE knitting magazines is Creative Knitting. I pick up this magazine every month and love all the information and patterns that they offer! Did you know you can save 28% off the current issue price by subscribing for only $19.99 annually! You also get the first 30 days free! Click the pic.


Knitting Websites. Here, you have your pick of dozens. Just Google the word “knitting” and up pop page after page of knitting SERPs (search engine results pages). Some results are super, while others, well, I often wonder how they managed to rank at all.

One of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE knitting websites is Craftsy. There are so many ways to learn knitting from Craftsy. One of the best is to sign up for a class! Need help with basic stitches? Want to learn lace knitting once and for all? There are classes for that. Online Knitting Class Simply, click the pic.


Lastly, visit Scarf Knitting! I am dedicated to bringing you, my knitting friends, the VERY BEST in all things knitting that I can find for you! Every WEEK I have new posts, new patterns, and coming in 2015, new video’s all about knitting!

Don’t forget that I am on Facebook, and Twitter, and Pinterest, too!

I love knitting. ‘Nuff said!

As always, take your knitting to heart! Make something for yourself, give something away, make something for yourself, give something  . . . . . . .  dachshund in knitted sweater




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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I just received my latest order from KnitPicks today. I bought some sock yarns in the colors Tiadal pool, Dove Heather,and white solid.I also ordered 3small-town of Comfy in the Flmingo color.I am not sure what I will use it for yet.Maybe a nice summer weight wrap of some kind for my daughter in law.
    I find patterns in books or stitches will tell me they wan to be knitted into some thing.

    • Sorry for the delay Julia. I had a busy weekend; was out with my daughter Stephanie for a Saturday craft fair and Sunday was my grand daughter Marisa’s 1st BD party!

      I do this all the time too; buy yarn with no specific purpose or pattern in mind and if someone asks, well there it is! Love all my old knitting pattern and stitch books too, there’s so much inspiration in there!

      Yarn has certainly come a long way! Enjoy your week!