How to Give a Great Handmade Knitting Gift

picture of a baby blanketDid you know as a knitter you qualify for DIY status? I don’t think you can claim that as a deduction on your taxes or anything (wouldn’t that be neat!) but it surely puts us in a very special category, one that not just anyone can claim. Of course because we love making something from absolutely nothing, WE appreciate all that goes into the creating of our projects.

I’ve always loved creating handmade gifts for my family and close friends. To date, no one has ever made a face upon receiving these gifts, which is a definite plus! Over the years, I’ve done projects that were from Carol Duvall’s Christmas programs on HGTV, back when they REALLY had my attention. There was no end to the ideas and projects that women would come up with on those shows,  for all of us to create ourselves. How I looked forward to her Christmas specials every year and was never disappointed.

Especially when what you create and make, looks so good that no one knows it’s handmade. Because inevitably doesn’t it seem to be that most people quantify “handmade” with “homemade” or “cheap” and “tacky”! All I know is I’ve NEVER made anything tacky! Beautifully packaged, my handmade gifts are sure to please!


How to give a great handmade knitting gift?  Simple. Just use my two rules:  🙂


Two Rules for Giving:

#1   Know who you’re gifting. This is SO important! Don’t go giving a scarf to someone you know will never wear it or doesn’t like them or you just have that extra scarf you knitted and don’t know what to do with it. That’s tacky!

Know your colors. My daughter Stephanie loves purple and lavender. I’m a blue person. If in doubt, just ask. If it’s family, you will know what they like and don’t like. Stick within these parameters. Girls love lacy and skimpy, shiny and pink.  Unappreciated giftsThe men in your life will not be so impressed with those qualities. Knit a scarf in a black or deep grey. Wool or a wool blend is great for a manly gift. Or give them an afghan in the colors of their favorite NFL team.

Always think of the person you are knitting for. Popularity is not always all about us.

#2   Keep it realistic.  If someone lives in a part of the country where it never snows or ever dips below 70 degrees in January,  tteal scarfhen big, chunky, heavy scarves or sweaters will really not be appreciated.

Also, and this is very important, give something that they will use! We may love frilly, fun scarves, but I’ll just bet your grandmother or great-grandmother would appreciate one that warmly wraps around her neck for when she’s stepping out to play bingo on those cold winter nights.

I LOVE to knit afghans (visit my Etsy shop for that) but not everyone wants an afghan in their living room. Perhaps spa cloths or placemats would do much better. Again, think about who you’re giving this knitting gift to. For those young people who can’t seem to put their tablets and smartphones down for more than 30 seconds, perhaps a knitted cover would be appreciated! At least you’d be going in the right direction. (What, I can’t download this?!)

If you keep these rules in mind when you knit, you’re sure to find success. When wrapping up your knitting treasures, don’t be afraid to go overboard with ribbon and notions that really call attention to something inside that is very special!

With their name on it!

Be sure to give the CAROUSEL below a twirl to find ideas for your knitting gift-giving!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥




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  1. I loom knit but I thought I might tell you that I love these ideas and your etsy shop is wonderful. PS: I’m 12 and would cherish a hand knit item WAY more than a gift card!

    • Well thank you SO much for your kind words! Hand made items are the best! Loom knitting is the perfect way to get to know yarns and just what it takes to become a knitter. Learning any craft is well worth your time. I’ll be adding to my Etsy store in the weeks to come, so tell your friends to stop by! Thanks again.
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  2. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Each year near Christmas I pick one or two kids and ask them what their favorite color is and when they tell me I will buy some yarn from Walmart and knit them a pair of mittens or a hat and give it to them just before the holiday break .Most of the kids I do this for really like getting something made just for them.

    • Isn’t that the best thing Julia? Knitting something special makes everyone feel good!
      I do that all the time, and yes yarn from Walmart will do just fine.
      I love seeing yarn in knitting magazines but when I price them out some of them are SO expensive. They are beautiful and one-of-a-kind, but if you need more than one skein, it can get very pricey.
      Never too early to start on Christmas gifts!
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