What To Do With That Leftover Knitting Yarn

Knitting yarn is some of the most fun stuff you can buy!

After all, aren’t there just so many colors, and fibers, and types of yarn to see?

I’m sure if you’re addicted to the world of knitting, then you get numerous knitting catalogs, just like me. From Mary Maxim, Patternworks,KnitPicks, to Herrschner’s and more, I LOVE looking through the pages at not only the pattern ideas, but especially for the yarns.    color explosion

Yarn comes in so many different types, from cotton and wool, to acrylic and silk, from mohair to alpaca, from linen to bamboo, the list goes on! We dutifully buy the appointed skeins of yarn that are called for in each knitting pattern we use, then inevitably we are left with yarn that is never used or maybe we’ve bought that extra skein, “just in case.”

Bowl of yarn

Now here’s an idea!

And there they sit. Like colorful ornaments or pretty additions to the corners of rooms. So often, we leave them there, hoping we’ll find a quick use for them. Oftentimes, they just keep sitting, like lonely little knitting orphans, waiting for those knitting needles.

So, what to do with that leftover knitting yarn.

Actually, there are many ways to use up extra yarn. If you’ve knit a baby sweater, for instance, find a simple pattern for a baby hat, and knit one up in an evening with the additional yarn. In a previous post, So You Think You Know Red Heart Yarn, one of my knitters did just that! Julia mentioned in the comments section, how she finished not only a baby sweater but added that must-have hat to complete the set!

Ever think about knitting for charity or those in your church or neighborhood?  All it takes is a phone call or a Google search to find those local places where your knitting help is so greatly appreciated. Shelters, hospitals and the like can never have enough blankets and baby items for all those who pass through their doors.

If you’re in the Christmas spirit already, (and who isn’t!), knit up some ornaments or the cutest knit snowman. Or knit those little accessories! Knitted Snowmen

Dishcloths are another easy item to knit, and they use up little yarn, so they are perfect for any leftover cotton yarn you may be hoarding. You can also take those patterns, knit them in a soft acrylic yarn and sew them together for a colorful scarf! In fact, that is one of my projects for January.

And of course, by all means, use that leftover yarn for afghans! Sew up long columns of a pattern, then sew that to another of a different color and pattern type, and so on. Or alternate colors horizontally. It’s all up to you!

So, remember, there are MANY ways to use leftover knitting yarn.

As always, take your knitting to heart!  ♥



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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Thank you for mentioning it. I also knitted two pairs of baby socks, and a pair of mittens to go with the hat and sweater. I would like to post a picture here but I don’t see where to upload it . I have to wait till I get paid again before I can order the yarn for the matching blanket. I changed the buttons because the originals I bought for it, were too big. The ones I actually used look like little gingerbread men. It looks really cute .

  2. Sounds great, Julia! There really isn’t a place to post pictures in these comment sections, but you can always post them to Facebook or Pinterest or the like, and tag me or anyone at all!
    In between starting my Christmas decorating, I’ve got one knitting project after another stacked up like jets on a runway waiting to take off!
    One of my pet projects in the new year will be knitting for toddlers. Can’t wait to see what ideas I come up with.
    We really are very crafty, aren’t we? In the nicest ways, of course!

  3. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I also changed the buttons on the light blue sweater I knitted. The new ones are little yellow ducks on the light blue sweater It is sized 12 months for next winter for him. Now all I have to do is wash and block them before packing them up to send to my daughter-in-law. I have receiving blankets to make out of flannel to go with the two sweaters. The receiving blankets are made by placing two 45 inch square pieces of printed flannel right sides together and stitch around it leaving an opening for turning it right side out. I then top stitch around it closing up the opening as I do it. I made receiving blankets for her oldest son before my son and she married, and she was shocked and surprised .She grew up with out her mother in her life for most of her life. I told her that is what grandmothers do for the new grand babies as they come along. It shows our love before they ever arrive.