Swanky Scarf Christmas Knitting Pattern

Who isn’t busy this month? It’s a good thing too, because the weather (if you want to call it such) has been so HORRIBLE, you don’t notice it when you’re immersed in everything else. Really, just day after day of rain, snow showers, and the occasional snow burst, like we’re getting right now.

Where the sun is, I don’t know. So. It’s up to us to make life sparkly. And what better way than with Red Heart Boutique Swanky yarn. Just 2 skeins of this yarn and you’ve got yourself a sweet scarf for this sparkly season! The color I chose is Sterling, a beautiful silver, glittery yarn. Swanky yarnThe best part about this yarn is that it is dotted with oval shaped sequins which are matched to the yarn color. All together you have a stunning look!

Purple Panache, Midnight Blue, Chiffon, Berry Glamorous, Tealessence and Tuxedo round out the Swanky colors, if you’re wondering. I’m thinking a scarf in each color is warranted! THAT would be fun for a craft fair; certainly beautiful gifts for all those sisters-in-law and nieces we never know what to buy. Glam goes a long way!

If you’re looking for other knitting pattern ideas, here’s a link to a post I wrote last month, called Free Knitting Patterns, Or . . .  The places and ideas for knitting are just endless!

As for the pattern, I found that here at AllFreeKnitting.com

From the first few rows, I knew this was going to be something special!Swanky Scarf pattern

Swanky scarf The pattern is easy to do, a mere 8 rows, then repeat.

There are many more patterns to knit in the book they also recommend:

How to Knit an Infinity Scarf from All Free Knitting. You get 9 patterns for fashionable cowls all for NO MONEY! Free with a Kindle download.

FYI, you don’t need a tablet to have a Kindle collection; there is a PC version, so you can enjoy these ebooks on your laptop, too!


It’s SO easy to be a knitter; a knitter who makes the easy look complicated! Just another SECRET to knitting. 🙂

As always, take your knitting to heart! ♥




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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Hi Alice,
    Right now our temperature is sitting at 42 degrees outside.I have a half finished sock (toe up, the heel turn is done ) just need to knit 1 1/2 inches and then 3 inches of ribbing and it will be finished.Today I had my boss and another person who was being trained as a crossing guard, at my crossing. She crossed all the kids across learning to keep her sign up and arms extended. She will be substituting for some one who took a few days off to help his sister with funeral arrangements and things, she lost her husband a few days ago. So basically all I did was stand there doing nothing today. Could have used that time to knit.:). I already have something knitted that I can gift to my daughter in law, s small shawl that just needs to be blocked and it will be done this weekend. She is the one I have knitted the baby sweaters for. I hope that she will like them.

  2. I am sure your DIL will love everything you knit for her! I’ve always loved handmade items from back when I was young. There’s just something so special about someone taking the time to knit an item for me!

    How many times do I feel the same way regarding time lost when I could be knitting! But, that’s life and we just need to enjoy those knitting moments when they come. Been very cold the last 4-5 days here, and the sun is shining today! I say that because we haven’t seen the sun most days this month in NJ; but it’s bright and shiny today, so we’ll take it!

    Thanks for the update, Julia!

  3. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I finally finished the sock I was working on. The socks are for me. Now I can cast on for the mittens for a girl who comes through my crossing everyday . She is always the last one to leave since she is a patrol person.
    I have 2 skeins of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in super wash Fushia that I am going to use for them. Since pink is her favorite color. She has asked her mother if she could learn to knit, if her mother agrees, I will teach her to knit. we have3 to keep the craft alive by passing on what we have learned.
    I am mostly self taught, with some help from You Tube videos and Knitting Paradise Forums.

  4. Knitting is a most beautiful craft that really can only be seen in person to be appreciated! Unfortunately, neither my daughter nor DIL care to learn how to knit. 🙁
    BUT! There are two little grand daughters waiting in the wings . . . just wait until they get to be 5 or 6, Grammy will be teaching them the good stuff!

    Videos are a great help, aren’t they? Whenever I run into a term or a stitch I’m not familiar with; the help is right online.

    Pink mittens sound lovely! Keep knitting!