Knitting Happiness, How Do You Get It?

Funny, how time flies. One minute it’s the Fourth of July and the next Christmas and the end-of-year holidays are right around the corner. Yet, my knitting just goes on. Santa & Rudolph

Some days are better than others, of course. You know what I’m talking about. Even now that I don’t “work” full-time outside my home, there are still days that overwhelm me. I’m not talking about housecleaning or laundry or dog walking; even though all those things qualify for time spent away from knitting or writing.

Just keeping up. With my website, my knitting, developing patterns and finding new content that I think is worthy. Updating and creating; pulling in images, taking pictures, building in links and affiliate choices; all time-consuming and all very important to the final presentation where I get to hit the “publish” button.

Then I can do it all over again for my copywriting website. Then for my Etsy shop. Not to mention social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, they’re all there, and they’re all mine. Just trying to keep up with one of these sites can be mind-boggling. But keeping up is a must. It’s important to pull in interested readers, fellow knitters, and even those on-the-cusp lookers, because you never know. Somewhere something could go viral, numbers could shoot through the roof and tomorrow you could find yourself with 10,000 more followers than you had when you went to bed the night before.

It’s all very technical sometimes, definitely nothing I was raised with; heck, it’s a long way from one telephone tethered to the wall and passing notes in school. I’ve learned it all myself, to my credit, and keep learning as I go. Even that can drive me crazy; new programs, new apps or sites. Just what is Hootsuite, anyway? (Don’t get me wrong, I love Hootsuite!)

But, Hootsuite doesn’t get me knitting happiness. Actually, some days when I knit don’t get me knitting happiness. It’s frustrating to find a mistake on the previous row because I wasn’t paying attention to the pattern or was too stressed out to think straight and so now I can spend the next half-hour back-tracking; replacing one stitch at a time back on the needle until that place where I can make it all right again. Time lost, knitting going backwards instead of ahead, (something called “tinking”) nothing being accomplished really, except a chance to put it right.

Mistakes. Sometimes they can seem to be at the very center of our lives. Whether they are personal, financial, work-related, social, goal-oriented, professional or of another ilk, they can lay like a bomb in front of us, not letting us go, reminding us at every curve in the road, that we messed up, that something which looked so fixable turned out to be anything but.

Behind which door is happiness?

Pretty doorSo, where is happiness there? Contentment or joy or whatever positive word we can insert here; why can’t we seem to find it and nail it to the floor so it won’t get away ever again!

Knitting seems to be relegated to a once-gone culture; a place where grandma’s and spinsters dwell. Hardly. It’s given pride of place next to the fireplace where contentedly we sit with a steaming cup of hot tea and petit-fours close by. All loving family and close friend happy.

But, how many of us actually knit like that!

Friends seem to come and go, and family, well, if ever there were people suited to the old knife in the back, they seem to be it. No matter how long you know them, if you have always been haunted by a feeling of “something’s just not right here”, you’re probably correct! Sooner or later a situation will bring out the very best they have to throw at you. Most of the time through no fault of your own; merely a willingness, a craving, a deep desire on their part, to be first, to be seen, to be paid attention to. All at your expense.

I know. I’ve been there. On the receiving end of their ignorance and baseness and crassness. At first you think, this is family, but then it dawns on you that YOU don’t matter to them what the relationship is; if it’s a way to one-up you (or me) then they’re there! Thinking family wouldn’t do that, thinking family is too dear to you to bring on these situations, thinking they look on you just as you think kindly of them. Too bad it doesn’t work that way.


Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.                    Harvey Fierstein

Craziness has its “up-side”

The only “up-side” to all this craziness is that you never know from one day to the next what more will come from them; what new, wicked, evil deed they will set their sights on. I say “up-side” because we can control that. Now that we know. We know what we’re dealing with; know not to expect anything but what we’ve gotten already; know that we will not be fooled again.

So we turn to other pleasures. Little happiness’s that WE create to fill in the gaps which others have left.  Trust me when I tell you they DO work. They do compensate for lost relationships, shattered dependences that were sucking the lifeblood out of you anyway.

Learning to knit is one of those hobbies which counts for so much more! Knitting will get you contentment, achievement, joy, and great satisfaction. It will open new doors to you, bring in to your life new people, introduce you to that joyride you’ve been missing out on in life.

It may not mirror what you had in the past; but, therein lies the irony. No one should be living in the past anyway. Too old, too jaded, too yesterday!

Set your sights on new things. New friends, new opportunities, new days that keep unfolding with new challenges and creativities. Yes, they’re there, if only we look for them.

Your days will begin to be filled up! With good things, things YOU create, with a loving sense of peace that permeates from the inside out. No, we don’t control our destinies; that is all in God’s good time, yet, we can seek to place good things into the hours of our days.

Fancy FireplaceAnd in the end, you WILL end up knitting in cozy circles, fireplaces nearby and that endless cup of tea within reach!

Be sure to see the “carousel” just below for some knitting happiness ideas!   🙂

As always take your knitting to heart!  ♥





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