Knitters Beware! Happiness to Follow . . .

Have you been busy? I’ll bet! Being well into December we’ve even passed the Hanukkah mark, which began two days ago. I’m not very familiar with the holiday, but Christmas . . . now that’s another story!

For those who don’t participate or don’t know, Christmas at my house is all out! Every corner is filled with decorations and lights; it takes me days to put it all in place. Then in the waning light of the short afternoons, I love walking around and turning on little candles, and Christmas trees where multi-colored, white, and bubble lights bring their own brand of special to their little corners!

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I’ve decided on what Christmas cookies I’m making this year; my famous chocolate- covered cherry ones, (loved by all) and sugar cookies that can be decorated or not. I also bought ingredients for a  Christmas morning almond pound cake which looks scrumptious!


Almond Cake

Courtesy of Gooseberry Patch Christmas 3

My list of bake-ables (is that a word?) also includes a cookie called Sally Lunn, Hot Vanilla (which is a yummy hot drink), ginger cream cookies and a sugar cream pie!



My Swanky Scarf project is coming along beautifully! Don’t you think??    Swanky scarf on glitterIn fact, this not-even-half-finished scarf looks marvelous in with all my coffee table glitter!


Let me not forget all the candles that sit on every table and hutch in my living room, dining room, family room and kitchen! What would a kitchen be without these sweet-smelling aromas that permeate every corner of my home when lit? Besides Balsam & Cedar and Candy Cane Lane from Yankee Candle, there are other scents too; like “no place like home” and “campfire memories”, -perfect little candle melts.


Swanky scarf in christmas glitter

Below is a picture of my Advent calendar. May I say, I used to open this very calendar when I was little, that’s how OLD it is! Luckily, my Mom gave me the choice of two calendars I could have, years ago, and I chose this one, because it was just one of my favorite things from my childhood. This calendar is from Richard Sellmer Verlag from Germany. There are many interesting things about this calendar, things I can’t get into in this post, so stay tuned for those revelations. Pretty interesting! No coincidences, I keep telling myself! Be sure to check out the link for these beautiful Advent calendars! (For next year!)

Old Advent calendar







I love the fact that everywhere I look in my home, there is Christmas!

So, where is my knitting?

Oh, just here and there! Tucked in-between the couch and end table, for now. Piled high in a Peterboro basket in the living room for all to see. Sitting on spare chairs in my second bedroom, just waiting like forlorn little ones, for me to return and pick them up! And I do! Every evening I wait for the time when all else is done, and I can sit quietly while watching TV (or not) and just knit.

That’s happiness. Knitting happiness. Something every one of us can attain. So, c’mon my knitters! And those who don’t knit or used to, or could or would. Try knitting happiness. But, knitters beware! It’s catching.

And before I forget, there’s also plenty of “my knitting” in my Etsy shop, so be sure to go there, after here, of course!

Christmas is a most wonderful time of the year! So are many other seasons, and holidays, and whichever ones YOU celebrate, do just that!

CELEBRATE THEM! If they are that important to you, make them count in every way!

Set traditions,

make and bake,

and give away!

As always, Glitter hearttake your knitting to heart!

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I am busy knitting some mittens for a student, he didn’t tell me that he didn’t have any mittens or gloves to wear when it got cold. So I told him that I would knit him a pair if he didn’t care that he would get them after we come back on Jan. 5. He said that he would be glad to get them then. I happened to have 2 skeins of KnitPicks Wool Of The Andes superwash in the color Haze Heather that I think would be ok for a boy.

  2. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    Thanks for the link to Herrschaners baby yarn. Unfortunately I am in the period where my next pay check won’t get here until the 23rd due to the two week Christmas break. I like to use KnitPick’s Swish in the DK weight for the items for my grandson that is due in Mar.
    I am in the process of knitting socks for myself for a change. With the left over yarn I knit the baby a pair of baby socks. He will be the best dressed baby in Chesapeake,VA.

  3. I know all about waiting for paychecks and delaying purchases! Holidays are fun times but really mess us up money-wise; especially when they make us wait for our money.

    KnitPick’s is one my favorites, too. There are SO many pretty years available for us now, and many are very affordable.

    Snowing here right now and it better stop; I have to babysit later this morning and I hate driving in snow!
    Happy knitting!