Happily Knitting into the New Year

So here I sit in the fading light of New Year’s Eve day. It’s been a cold day here in New Jersey, brrrrSo cold, in fact, that my doggies needed their little sweaters when I took them for their morning walk around the block. As we go the wind seems to get worse and worse; blowing full in my face so that by the time I get home I feel frozen. For at least twenty minutes my face feels as if pieces of it could just fall off!

I recall how I used to walk the dogs down the dirt road in Pennsylvania; houses three and four acres in-between and trees all around. It was a rarity for even one car to cruise by; our little development had less than 20 homes in it and some houses weren’t even occupied all year round. So the dogs and I always felt (I don’t know, did I ask them?) that we had the road to ourselves.  This time of year the sun never made it fully into the sky, rather it loped behind the big oaks and tall evergreens as it shone its way from east to west. Then quickly over the hill behind our house to the left, and gone by four o’clock!

This evening, I will be happily knitting into the New Year. I’ve started a Spring afghan in the prettiest pastel colors! This one will be SO pretty when done, I’m excited to see it myself. I’m using Simply Soft yarn in Robins Egg, Soft White, and Orchid.

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December never seems to last long enough. Didn’t it just begin?? I swear one minute we were sitting down to enjoy our Thanksgiving turkey and apple pie, and now we’re a week past Christmas already!  But . . .

We’re still in the Christmas season, which I love! Just my favorite time of year. So busy, yet so enticing! So much to see and do, to clean and decorate, to bake and serve, then to bake again! (Those chocolate-covered cherry cookies never miss!)  Cookies on a plate

🙂    🙂    🙂

Better still, to listen. Yes, I mean all those Christmas songs we love to sing each year, all the way from Elvis to King’s College Choir in Cambridge, England.

But, best of all, to see! See all the color and beauty, all the lights and dazzle, all the shiny and bright, all the food and gifts we give to one another! And that goes for my Jewish friends too! Chanukah is the perfect holiday for giving. For seeing! All the joy that is in our lives.

This is the season for all these things. 🙂  For remembering that we do need, now and again, to take stock of ourselves, to reassess who we really are, to look anew at ourselves and those who people our world. No matter what our struggles. Good, bad and every circumstance in-between,  there is always a reason to be thankful, to see things in their best light.

Even in the dark days of December.

Back in my last post “Knitter’s Beware!”, I mentioned my Advent calendar. It’s an old one, because I can remember opening the little doors and windows on it when I was very young. Still, every year it sits on one of my hutches and is usually one of the last Christmas things I put away. Because when it’s gone, then I know Christmas is truly over, as well. Its season is past, but its spirit lives on, or should.

Of all the little places on the Advent calendar to open up, one is my favorite. (No, it’s not the church door for #24, either.) It’s in the little alleyway, off to the right, in between the buildings where the street seems to wander off by itself. There’s only one window there and when it’s opened, there’s a solitary bell inside, meant to be rung when guests arrived. Advent calender bell window For years, I have always liked that window best! Maybe because it seemed so lonely all by itself down in that corner where nothing else seems to be going on. Maybe for some other reason, that I haven’t figured out yet.

It’s the window for December 5. That turns out to be my daughter-in-law Lisa’s birthday. Who knew?


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See that little red heart looking left from the center? Inside that heart are the initials “RS”. I know they stand for “Richard Sellmer” who was the creator of the calendar, but to me they will always mean “Robert Seidel”. My husband. His initials in a red heart.  Advent calendar heartJust waiting for me, from years ago. When I didn’t know him. When it would be YEARS before we would be meet. There they stood as if this Advent calendar had a secret for me!

I suppose that is why when given the choice of which Advent calendar to have I chose this one. It just seemed to fit into my life. Even if no one is knitting at the moment! I was always drawn to this calendar and for whatever reasons I knew not! As your life unfolds, certain things do make themselves clear; it just takes time and patience to see them clearly.
And in honor of this bright and snow-less New Year here’s a link to a scarf from last year around this time. I love things that sparkle and glisten; could be a Christmas tree decoration, tinsel on the tree, garland lit by lights, a scarf knit in silver or gold, or a night sky filled with stars. Sparkle and glisten, just like new-fallen snow. Just the right “kind” of snow is needed; not wet and heavy, but light and fluffy. Blue, almost. That’s the kind of snow that glistens. It really does!


And just for good measure, be sure to check out one of my favorite patterns for my Victorian Scarf right —–> here!

As always, be sure to take your knitting to heart!   ♥

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