Do Not Read This Unless You Love To Knit!

Today is a rainy day. Pouring down rain as a matter of fact. A very good day for staying inside and knitting. Or cleaning. Or organizing. Or reading. Or watching the football playoffs. In fact, the rain began as a little ice and two people fell on the sidewalks coming out of Mass this morning. Out of the blue, down they went! Then we all realized it was ice. Scary, for sure. No one was badly injured, but I’ll just wager that by tomorrow they’ll feel nice and sore. Maybe even a little black and blue.

I know the feeling. Broke one ankle on the last day of 1999. Typing that date, it looks like a l-o-n-g   t-i-m-e   a-g-o. Then, the second ankle a year later, just coming down the stairs in my home, trying to catch the slipper that had fallen off my foot. WITH my foot!  THAT didn’t work. And now in this cold weather, I prefer indoor things. Cozy and warm with my favorite hot tea and my sleeping dogs. A little classical music or a good black-and-white movie. Perfect for knitting!

Do not read this unless you LOVE to knit!

Well, not really. Anyone can read my posts, and I hope you do. Hobbies are passions unlike any others. We spend all kinds of time and money on them and deservedly so. Especially as we get really good at what we do.  😉

So, I thought I would just share with all of you what it is I’m knitting these days, these January days of the year 2015 A.D.

Yesterday, I was in A.C. Moore, one of my favorite knitting haunts. RH Teal Soft yarnI picked up some beautiful teal yarn in Red Heart Soft,  for a Reader’s Wrap that I found in You can knit most ANYTHING with Soft yarn; and what better than something to throw over your shoulders when you can hear the winter winds blowing outside.

The pattern for the Readers Wrap is an instant download for $7.99 and looks quite simple to do.  I haven’t put a stitch yet on my size 7 needle, but I’ll post pictures as I go. Stay tuned.

Another yarn I bought is Red Heart’s Boutique Unforgettable yarn in Stained Glass.  stained glass windowDoesn’t that sound nice?

The pattern I chose called for Boutique Magical yarn, but I couldn’t find that, so I substituted Unforgettable yarn instead. See, how you can do that? Another pretty scarf pattern coming at ya!

Unforgettable Stained glass skein

I found the pattern on All Free Knitting.  It’s called “Cowl of Many Colors” and to my mind, what’s better than stained glass! We’ll see.

Lastly, I’m still working on TWO projects: one is a Spring Feather-and-Fan afghan in robin’s egg blue, white and orchid. Spring afghanLooks very Spring-y if I do say so myself! I’m hoping in a week to list it in my Etsy shop.   🙂

Along with this afghan I’ve been knitting up squares of blue and white in various Winter patterns. I’ll sew them together and have a charming little scarf for when the snow finally decides to fall! I think I’ll call it my Winter Wonderland scarWinter Wonderland scarff. Blocks of mittens, trees, snowmen and snowflakes should make a pretty scarf!

So far this winter we’ve had NO SNOW and don’t I love that, but it’s only the middle of January. Somewhere out there is a storm with New Jersey’s name on it.








So, I have plenty of knitting to keep me happy for awhile. When these are in the knitting history books, there’s always my next project! Keep in mind that to decorate your home with knitting accessories is not only VERY affordable, but VERY tasteful as well. Color adds so much to the rooms of our homes, we often take it for granted.

Be sure to check out the yarn links in this post, and as always . . . .

Take your knitting to heart!

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I also love to inside when it is cold and rainy but sometimes I have to be outside in that kind of weather. Being a school crossing guard means being outside in all kinds of weather. Fortunately it is only for about an hour and twenty minutes in the mornings and not quite an hour in the afternoons. On the hottest days I carry a cool own bag wit a bottle of water and a zip lock bag of ice water and a couple of washcloths. One to wipe me face and arms with and the gets rolled diagonally and draped around my neck o help keep me cool.