Knitting Yarns, Choose Your Story

Life is unique, isn’t it? So many roads to travel, so many decisions to make, so many moments that are far from ordinary every day! Yes, life can seem boring and so-so on a daily basis; after all, we all do the same things day in and day out, yet there are always those “special” things that draw you and me in the directions we were meant to go.


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That’s why I say, knitting yarns, choose your story. Because we all have a story, our own story, our very own, that we create, we decide on, we put into action. As with everything else we do in our lives, our hobbies, our passions play a B-I-G part in that life. It IS our story!

So choose carefully!


And that goes for the yarns we knit with, too.

Yarns are so much fun; it’s in the choosing that I have some of my best days. You don’t even have to step into a yarn shop; pick up a magazine or a knitting catalog or go online to one of your favorite places and play with fiber and texture and best of all, color!  colorful ink in water


There will be yarns that will speak to you. Don’t laugh, it’s true! Certain yarns just seem to draw you in, and who knows why?

So, how do you choose your story, your knitting yarn? After all, yarn can seem, and BE, very confusing! If you don’t know much about yarn at all, it can leave you really scratching your head.

So, remember these three simple rules for yarn:  🙂


  • Remember that yarn comes in different fibers.  Plant fibers such as cotton or linen; man-made fibers such as acrylic or nylon and animal fibers such as wool or alpaca. Depending on what it is you want to knit, your yarn will be a very important part of that choice. (There’s that word, again!)
  • Yarns come in many thicknesses or weights. Bulky or chunky yarn is thick and heavy (and sometimes difficult) to knit with. Worsted weight is the most common yarn to knit with and can be found in all textures. Sport yarn is a little thinner than worsted; baby items are popular with sport yarns. Fingering yarn is thinner still; lacy or openwork knitting is used with these yarns. Lace yarn is thinnest of all; usually a 2-ply yarn it’s great for very delicate shawls, or heirloom pieces.
  • When you buy yarn, usually you are buying more than one skein or cone. If possible, always purchase yarns of the same DYE LOT. What!??  On the label amidst all of the other information you see there, usually somewhere close to the color name, will be a series of numbers. H97003, for example. Try and find this number in any other skeins you buy. No matter what color you buy, you WILL see very, very, subtle differences in shades and tints. Take my word for it!


And, that’s it! As you become more comfortable with knitting, you will gravitate to those yarns that you love over all the others! There will be yarns you use once and never knit with again. There will be yarns you love and will substitute in for other yarns, because you can!

For a really nice post on matching yarns to your knitting projects, check out this post!

As always, take your knitting to heart!     Glitter heart




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