If You Want to Hear the Quiet Just Glisten

I just can’t believe September is slipping away so quickly. I write this piece on my daughter’s 39th birthday! I cannot believe she is 39; what happened to that little girl with the curly hair and long eyelashes? So many years in between; memories of times, both good and not-so-good gone by; and of many people in our family who are no longer with us.

That’s why holding onto what you love is so gosh-darned important! Our children, husbands, wives, mothers,  brothers, grandchildren, nephews, cousins, best friends, neighbors, even our beloved pets are what should be most important in our lives. Oftentimes, they get pushed aside or overlooked with today’s current mishap or problem. It’s in the midst of these times of stress that we need to just step back, if only figuratively, and remember what’s really important.

Then, of course, there are our passions. I love to read, and bake, and decorate. Aside from writing, there is no other passion more consuming to me than knitting. I’m always on the lookout for what’s new or trendy in the world of knitting. How knitting has changed from the years when I first learned how to make the knit stitch!

A true plethora of colors and fibers; fabrics which are simply stunning when turned off of your knitting needles. In fact, here’s one I knit up just a few months ago, when my granddaughter was yet to be born, and I needed something to do while waiting . . . !


Scarf knit with Glisten yarn
This is my Glisten Scarf because it’s knit with Louisa Harding’s Glisten yarn.
2 balls
Size 10-1/2  needles.

CO 33 stitches (or however many you prefer for width)

Knit 6 rows.

Row 7 (RS):  K1, yo twice*  repeat from * to end.

Row 8:  K1, dropping the yo’s off the needle, * to end.

Rows 9 – 14:  Knit.

Repeat Rows 7-14 for desired length.  Bind off all stitches and weave in ends.

I didn’t opt for a very long scarf as this yarn is so pretty it will be an instant sensation whenever you wear it.  I’m just betting someone will ask “where did you get that?” right away.

By knitting, either for yourself or for others, you’ll be spreading the yarn around.  It’s like spreading the love around. And isn’t that what you want most of all?




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