Knitting Musings For Monday

So here we are at the almost end of January, and we here in New Jersey are awaiting a “doozey” of a snowstorm. Or so all the weather pundits tell us in their morning forecast ramblings. No one dislikes size-able snowfalls more than me; the wind and blowing snow and the fact that you have no place to put your foot down once you’re out there just appalls me! Winter just keeps on coming. Seems storms like these push thoughts of knitting right out of head!

Little snowfalls are pretty and, like their summer counterparts of gentle showers, they can be dealt with. Unlike these big blows that you have to fight with! Everything becomes a problem; just the fact that I had to start making a path in the snow for my dogs to “go” is reason enough to start think about moving to the equator! Long paths, ending in large round areas for my two little hounds to sniff a bit and pee and poop was a major undertaking. At least now with my husband retired, he can take care of it.

It does remind me, though, of an early Saturday morning two years ago, when we had dropped off a flat tire to our auto repair shop (I say “our” because we were there on a regular basis for one thing or another) on Friday and were returning to pick it up the next day. Overnight, it had snowed; a few inches, I’d say no more than three, maybe four. Pine Forest Camp sign on red barnWe wound our way up Springbrook Rd. which was always nicely plowed and out to Rt. 6 west, to Greeley about seven miles down the road.

It was still early enough and the sun, if it was coming out, wouldn’t have made it through the trees at all until noon or later. There were a few cars and trucks that we passed as we gingerly made our way along the highway. Most of the land sitting adjacent to the road was just woods; state lands where no houses or buildings stood. Then when we got past the intersection of Rt. 434, the landscape changed into more of a forest landscape.

That’s when it became a winter wonderland. Snow in the woodsTrees were densely packed together and stood tall and immense right down to the road; every branch and trunk was snow-covered. And the snow was glistening; shiny and reflective as we passed by. Watching it slowly falling from trees and wires, it fell gently to the ground and lay in soft packs where it fell. There was a camp ground on the left side where two or three cabins stood empty most of the time. Outhouses stood out in back and these too, were quiet and covered in the glittery snowfall.

It was one of the prettiest sights I’ve ever encountered! For someone who dislikes winter intensely, I must say this memory lingers always.

We took our time driving on this stretch of road, which really hadn’t been plowed properly yet; just a two lane “highway” meandering through the woods. Then when we came to Alice’s Wonderland, a retail store specializing in outdoor wear, there was a pickup truck with his plow attached, moving the fluffy snow away from their small parking area in front. Down the road we continued, past Burchards Creek where there is a summer camp for kids; now it was closed and still in the quiet Saturday morning. Still, the silvery essence of the snow shone through; and with all the trees, the woods, the spirit of Winter seemed to be in its glory.

Temperatures held steady so the melting was slow in coming. Driving through that three or four mile stretch of forest, covered in an early morning snow, quiet, glistening, serene, not a person in sight; I remember it now and then and come back to the feeling it left me with.

A peaceable kingdom. One where we can all sit down inside, find our most comfortable chair or sofa, and pick up our knitting.

Cozy Scoots near the fireplace

My Scooter staying warm

Stay close to the fire. Knit intently. Put my mind, my hands, and myself to a good purpose. Use my talents wisely, because they are uniquely mine. They may not cause the world to shudder or to even notice. But, that’s as it should be. In my own space, in my own time, I can give to my little corner of the world, all I have to offer. With my talents and gifts.

It may be a small endeavor, yet it speaks to high aspirations. And it fills my heart because it is worth doing. 🙂

So, as I wait for the worst of the storm to overtake me, I have my warm house, my dogs, my books, my knitting. Even my hot cup of tea! No need to run to another store, no desire to watch another shopping channel or peruse online shopping venues. Those would spoil the mood. They would almost desecrate the sacred space I’ve created with my knitting.

Free your mind for loftier things! It will be in places like these that you will glisten, too. Even in the warmth you will shimmer and shine; just like the soft trees and snow-packed forests. With each turn of your needle, with each row upon row that’s knitted, a completeness will emerge. A radiance that will ripple outwards towards people and places you never imagined you’d go!

Winter, like my knitting and yours, has its beauty, too!

As always, take your knitting to heart!   ♥

P.S.  Be sure to see some of my favorite knitting notions in the carousel below!



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