What To Do With Old Knitting Magazines

My mom and my grandmother

My mom Estelle and my grandmother Stella

When I was growing up my mom loved having magazines in our house. From Life to Reader’s Digest, there was always something to read. Once I was in my teens, she loved buying every home and fashion magazine there was; McCall’s, Vogue, Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping,  even Cosmopolitan.


Only problem was, my mom could never get herself to throw the magazines out! So there they were, under end tables, in magazine racks, on the coffee table or in bookshelves, just stacking up. Eventually she would move them out of the living areas, but never into the trash. When you went downstairs to do laundry, there would be another ancient pile of magazines in an old bookcase.




I’m a very nurturing kind of person and a sort of a homemaker. I’m just interested in things remaining fresh. Jacqueline Bissett

Being someone who grew up in the Great Depression, my mom was loathe to throw anything away! After all, it would either come back into vogue (and there is something to say about that!), or you would eventually find another use for it. And yes, I understand that you can never have enough shoes, purses or knitting magazines. In the meantime, stuff takes up space and collects dust. And it never looks good no matter WHAT you try to do with it!

So, what do YOU do with your old knitting magazines?  Stack of knitting magazinesYou know the ones, Knit Simple, Vogue Knitting, Patternworks, Creative Knitting, Debbie Bliss, Simply Knitting, as well as others I’m sure are available. I LOVE the stories, the ideas and inspirations, and of course the patterns I constantly get from these little tomes month after month.  🙂

But, eventually, they, like anything else in your home, can become too big for their britches. When that day comes, you can only ask, what to do with those old knitting magazines?

Here are some very creative ideas:

  • Donate your knitting magazines to local schools, libraries, hospitals or nursing homes. People in these places are oh so glad to receive your leftovers!
  • Put them up for sale on popular knitting forums, such as Knitting Paradise.
  • Take knitting magazines to local thrift stores. BUT, be sure to bring a bag of stash, too. If you’re going to donate, then give a little extra, I say.
  • Do like I do . . . go through your old knitting magazines and rip out the patterns and stories that appeal to you. Then, index them in a handy expandable file folder for future use. You may not think you’ll ever find a use for them, but trust me, you will!
  • If you have vintage knitting magazines, list them for sale on popular online venues such as eBay, or Craigslist. There are ALWAYS people looking for what you may consider to be junk or trash.
  • If you have a local community center, offer your knitting magazines to them. In fact, offer your time to teach anyone who’s interested how to knit.
  • If you’re moving, be sure to put them out in a moving sale along with furniture and other household items. After all, it’s usually the little things that sell.

I know there must be more ways to shrink your knitting magazine piles, but these will definitely get you seeing the corners of your rooms again. And look on the bright side, . . . you are making room for MORE magazines! Do wonders ever cease!     😉

Having knitting magazines in my home are one of the joys of my life. It fits my knitting passion so well! Bears knittingIt gets me knitting!

So, if you’d like to create your own piles of knitting magazines, be sure to see the “carousel” below and click on those magazines that you love best for a subscription.

As always, take your knitting (and your magazines) to heart!  Glitter heart

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