Mother Bear Project, Knitting For Love

There is nothing like a Mother Bear Project, Knitting For Love.

Just a quick post today, Friday the 13th, to let you in on an extraordinary knitting secret; knitting for those in need is the best knitting of all!

With all of the talk about Valentine’s Day, I am reminded of all of the blessings in my life. Today is terribly cold outside; record lows, and wind chills across the northeast where you wouldn’t want to be found outside for long. I’m nice and toasty warm in my house; heat’s on, coffee’s at my elbow, the fireplace is cheerfully humming. (Do fireplaces hum? This one does!  🙂  )

vases of flowers

I went to babysit my “girls” today, Julia and Marisa, and had two pretty vases of flowers to show for it by days end. My daughter lives not so far away and see us often; my son and daughter-in-love live in the next town over. I love my family so much! I’m sure you loves your family, too.


SO many in the world are not living as we do. Poverty runs rampant through country after country; the biggest sufferers of all are the children. No mall to go shopping in; no Walmart, no Target, no ToysRUs. Just grinding out another day without proper food or clean water. Certainly no yarn for knitting!




Loving kindness, warm hearts, and a stretched-out hand of tolerance – all the shining gifts that make peace on Earth. “The Bishop’s Wife”


So, what can we do? Quite a lot actually. Good news is there are organizations that help these children and their parents to survive! For all we take for granted, there are millions around the globe who would cherish a little comfort and loving kindness.

A Mother Bear Project, Knitting For Love is so needed in our world today!

Take, for instance, the Mother Bear Project. child with teddy bear They are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope and comfort to children in faraway countries. Like those in Africa. Places most of us have never visited and probably never will. Gifts of love are what Mother Bear Project gives to children; so many of whom are suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Giving something so simple as a hand-knit or crocheted little bear.

That’s where we come in!

Just visit the Mother Bear Project website, and you will want to start knitting a bear right now. Just looking at the faces of these little ones; the happiness and new-found contentment from such a simple toy will be enough to know you (and I) CAN make a difference for these children! For as little as $5.oo you can buy a pattern or for a little bit more, you can purchase the entire bear kit to knit or crochet.  🙂

The best part is these bears are great for knitting groups! If ever you’ve been looking for something that everyone can share in, this project is perfect for your small knitting or crochet group. There are many drop-off places to bring your completed bears, and I’m thinking you could mail your finished bears to Minnesota as well.

Bears are no more than 12″ tall and can be knit in 4-ply worsted weight yarn. Use three different colors. That’s it!

We’ve all heard of Liberia, Haiti, Sudan, Botswana and so many other countries, so in need of help with everyday living. We can help to ease some of their burdens in small ways. Because one small way after another small way after another, add up to many small ways making big ways to change the world!

Taking on a Mother Bear Project, knitting for love is something we can ALL do. Please consider it. Please visit their website and see what they have to offer. Over 100,000 bears have been sent to children in need.

As always, take your knitting to heart!  Glitter heart

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