The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting – Review

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting – a review for you!

Once in a while I think back to those days, a long time ago, when I was just learning how to knit. In the VERY beginning, I think I stuck with practice squares; just going over the knit and purl stitches again and again until they felt normal in my hands. Knitting, like any other craft, takes T-I-M-E.

If only I had a DVD like this one! The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting by Nici Beason. When I was very young, my grandmother tried teaching me how to crochet. I loved watching her create her squares and delicacies with one tiny needle, and begged her many times to “show me how.” And she would; but I just couldn’t figure it out for myself! Not until I was in high school, did my best friend and I tackle knitting, which her mother was skilled at doing.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide will take you through all aspects of this beautiful craft. In this special DVD you will learn:

  • Casting On
  • The Knit Stitch (English & Continental)
  • The Purl Stitch (English & Continental)
  • Adding Yarn & Changing Colors
  • Bind Off
  • Increasing
  • Decreasing
  • Ribbing (knit & purl in the same row)
  • Gauge
  • Finishing
  • First Aid Kit (how to fix mistakes)

Nici Beason starts you out at the very beginning by giving you a “suggestion kit”; all the tools you’ll need to be a success at knitting. Each chapter is short and to the point, and the dvd will pause after showing you something new! This way you can practice what you’ve just learned, how neat is that!

And here’s the best part. There are hundreds of rave reviews (FIVE STARS!)  from women, men, and children! In fact, little ones the age of ten years old, will find this dvd extremely helpful in learning how to knit.  🙂

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting is perfect for any member of your family.

Never again feel left out in the cold when your friends or family pick up their knitting needles for a relaxing evening of yarn creation. You will be right there with them! For a mere $16.99 this dvd can be in your home in a matter of days. So, what are you waiting for?!

Once you receive your dvd, open the package and inside you will find a booklet with a “shopping list” of items to buy for your first projects, AND seven (7)  starter scarf patterns. Just knit and purl varieties, but enough to get you very familiar with how knitting feels and looks.

Knitting is such fun to do. Learning to knit can be fun, too! Have 30 minutes to spare today? Then give The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Knitting a try.

You won’t be sorry and you’ll probably wonder why you’ve waited so long.

As always, take your knitting to heart!

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