Cowl of Many Colors in The White Winter

A Cowl of Many Colors is something we all need.

Well! Seems as if Winter is here to stay. We’ve had record-breaking lows and about 5″ of snow fell Monday night into Tuesday. I remember because my daughter-in-law Lisa was traveling back from Orlando, FL to Newark, (she’s a flight attendant) and her scheduled flight had been cancelled and she was catching the last plane back to NJ that night, “dead-heading” as she puts it. Snow was supposed to start before midnight and I was hoping it would hold off for her ride down the lovely Garden State Parkway.

For the most part that snow held off. In the morning everything was covered in white. Glaring white that seemed to get glarier as the day went on, and the sun finally emerged. Never mind July and sunglasses; you need them in February’s blinding snow as well.

In stark contrast to all that “white” I just finished a very colorful cowl which I found on AllFreeKnitting. They have the NICEST patterns there and this one is called “Cowl of Many Colors”. Just click on over there for the pattern. You can knit this in a weekend!  🙂

The pattern calls for Red Heart Boutique Magical. After trips to three yarns stores, I couldn’t find the Magical yarn; so I substituted Red Heart Boutique UnforgettableBoutique Unforgettable yarn Perfect! Here it is in Stained Glass.

And here it is all knitted and ready to be sewn together! So pretty, and VERY colorful. Cowl of Many colors Wear it with basic black or tan or grey.

The pattern is nothing more than knit and purl with some ktogs thrown in, and slipping yarn on a row or two. That’s the beauty of self-striping yarn; it does all of the hard work for us! The end result is something we could never have put together ourselves, yet looks decidedly as if we did just that.

A Cowl of Many Colors is perfect wherever you are.

So, wherever you may find yourself this week, digging out in New England from another snowstorm, getting your power back in North Carolina from an ice storm, or sitting on a beach in Florida where it’s nice and warm (!), knitting is your carry-along best friend.

Cowl of many colorsAnd best of all, no back talk. Occasionally there is a stubborn knot to loosen, but that’s the worst of it.

So, please do click through to AllFreeKnitting, print out the pattern, and get knitting!

Here I am, (after about ten different picture takes) and cowls will keep you warm in the worst that Winter seems to throw our way!






As always, take your knitting to heart!     Glitter heart

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