What Are You Knitting for National Craft Month?

Just what are you knitting for National Craft Month?

March is National Craft Month. Of course, in my home, EVERYDAY is craft day, but I digress. When my children were young, there were hobby stores in just about every town; nowadays not so much. But, there are very interesting places to see online, and if you’re reading this post, then you can visit their websites, too!  🙂

Crafts have been with us forever. In fact, what we now dub “hobbies” were once upon a time necessities of everyday living. There were no malls to visit in 18th century America; if you wanted a new pair of socks, someone in your family was knitting them. Today there are many spinning clubs around the country and I’m not talking about the exercise kind; a few generations ago spinning was how you created the yarn you would need to knit or crochet.

Now we just order from Amazon.

My earliest recollections of crafting came from my maternal grandmother who was a skilled crocheter. I can’t remember her not sitting in her cozy barrel chair crocheting away. I still have her exquisite dining room tablecloth that she made for us so long ago now; and other items of hers I managed to save, too, over the years. Like these:  Little crocheted pink/blue dressWhite/red crocheted diamond

Crafts are all around us. There are paper crafts, wood crafts, metal crafts (jewelry making is very hot right now!), food crafts, fiber crafts, and on and on we go. In fact, our home shopping networks (you know the ones) will be offering up their own “craft fare” this month, so keep an eye out for that.

One of the nicer websites celebrating National Craft Month for 2015 is Family Crafts at About.com. Listed for National Craft Month are many crafts and links to those sites. Very useful. NOW is the perfect time to tell your family and friends all about the crafts you do.

Looking for a beginner book? Here’s the perfect one. I L-O-V-E this book! See my review here.

Maybe a beginning knitting kit? Here’s one just right. Look for my review of this knitting kit before the month of March is over!

So, just what are you knitting for National Craft Month?

Here’s a hint:  Actions speak louder than words. If those around you don’t seem too interested in learning how to knit, just watching YOU knit may be all the inspiration they need to try it out for themselves. That’s where you can be a BIG help. 😉

As for me, I have started knitting my Peacock Jewel Scarf and it’s proving to be very pretty! Peacock Jewel ScarfOnce the lace “tips” are knitted into place, this scarf will be just waiting for compliments!  🙂

And for some true crafty revelations, visit Pinterest at their National Craft Month board! Your enthusiasm level will skyrocket! Such beautiful CRAFTS!

So, click through to a book or a knitting kit and see what you can knit today!

As always, take your knitting to heart!

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