Stop! For Popular Knitting Patterns

Stop! For Popular Knitting Patterns if You Can

Spring 2015Finally a warm day! For so long every day has been below freezing and judging by my dried knuckles, it’s been that way for quite for some time. I think we don’t realize how many weeks go by where Winter just doesn’t want to quit. But, we’re coming close now! American Robin (Turdus migratorius)Every time I hear that robin chirping, I know we’re just a week away.

So, before we step outside permanently in the warmer weather, I think a little pre-Spring cleaning is in order. Now that my husband is retired, he has been vacuuming and cleaning furniture, painting and fixing every little thing that needs fixing, so it’s like I’ve got an assistant helper for the first time in over 40 years! Hurray! It’s so nice to come home from babysitting my grand daughters and find that the dogs have been fed, laundry done and rugs vacuumed.

One of the things that is definitely on my “organize” list are my knitting magazines. They seem to multiply by themselves. Or at least that’s the way it looks. One lone magazine is under the coffee table, and the next day I walk in, and there’s a half dozen and so it goes. How are they piling up? And WHO is doing it?!

Living in New Jersey, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of just about anything; after all, we’re never far away from malls and stores. That’s one thing I truly missed while living in Pike County, PA; it was a good 35 minute drive to the nearest big box stores or the supermarket, so you’d better get everything on your list right the first time! Now, I can walk to Shop Rite or Lowe’s, even the public library or the post office.

Knitting magazines are one of my favorite things to buy and if you can’t find them in one store, well, there’s always another where they are sure to be. These include Knit Simple, Interweave Knits, Knitscene and Piecework magazine. I buy all of these magazines regularly and have had subscriptions to most of them. Of course, there are many other knitting magazines, too.

So, what to do with old knitting magazines, you ask? Well, click on that link for a post I wrote last month about just that. Before you give them away, print out your favorite knitting patterns. Organize them in a file box by type or yarn, and you’ll always have lots of patterns to keep you busy knitting all year round! 🙂

Each of the magazines I mentioned above, have lots of different knitting patterns included in each new edition. Some of them are downright complicated and would probably take me six months to complete. I’d rather not wait that long for a finished knitting product. But, other knitting patterns can be completed in a weekend or a few weeks, and you can repeat them for gifts or giveaways.

Knitted CupcakesDo you like sweaters or cardigans? What about scarf patterns or afghans? Or would you rather knit something for your home such as a table runner, dishcloths, flowers, fruit or a rug? Well, you’ll find all of them in knitting magazines.

So, stop! for popular knitting patterns

that you find interesting. That’s the thing, too. I used to believe that I couldn’t possibly throw away a perfectly good magazine. So, I ended up keeping them all. Do that with anything and you’ll soon need a storage locker for all of the excess!

Now, I simply edit out what I want from a particular magazine, then discard the rest. Or give them away, or donate them.

Definitely do SOMETHING with them. Because the last thing you want is to be awash in knitting magazines. Then, you’ll never find your knitting! And that is certainly something you never want to happen!  😉 So, while I go hunting for that magazine multiplier, decide which knitting magazine you’d like to bring into your home!

As always, take your knitting to heart!

P.S. Be sure to check out the carousel just BELOW for my favorite knitting magazines! Make one of them your favorite, too!



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