Part Two of Your Knitting Questions . . . Answered!

Part Two of Your Knitting Questions . . . Answered!  Part One

way back last summer, (was it really warm then?) I wrote this post on The Knitting Answer Book. In it I told you why I love this little book so much. It’s simply chock-ful of REAL knitting tips, things you can use right now and apply to everything you’re knitting.

I see questions all over the Web about knitting. Some deal with beginners and “how do I”, then there are the yarn questions, followed by knitting stitches and techniques, and always questions about knitting and health issues as well as knitters looking for ideas on what to knit next or what to give as a knitting gift. These are ALL great questions and I’ll take a few of the most asked ones and answer them here. 🙂

Q:  Is there a “right” way to knit?

little girl knitting a scarfNo! While every knitter asks this question or wonders about it, knitting is unique to every knitter. By that I mean, each of us holds our yarn and needles in ways that are most comfortable and productive for us. That applies as well to every knitting stitch and technique out there. If you knit, then HOW you knit is up to you. You WILL figure it out as you go; especially when using practice swatches or doing sample knitting.

Q:  What is “frogging?”

Frogging is when you have to unravel the pattern back to the beginning or back to a new starting point. It’s called frogging because you “rip it”, “rip it”, “rip it”. Using frogging is something I do when I want to begin again. This way you are re-using your yarn.

Q:  Why do I see “holes” in my work?   Holes in knitting

Good question! If you are doing lace knitting and using stitches such as the YARNOVER, then it’s perfectly normal to expect holes in your rows. BUT, it you are doing straight knitting and purling and you see holes, something ain’t right! This just means that somewhere along the way, you’ve dropped a stitch (or two, or three) OR that you have wrapped the yarn around the needles more than one time when knitting along the row. Remember if you are knitting, your yarn should be in the BACK, and if you are purling, your yarn should be in the FRONT.

Q:  Why are the stitches on my knitting needle so tight?

This is a very common problem with new knitters. It takes TIME to learn how to knit evenly through the rows properly. Learn to let the yarn FLOW through your fingers as you knit; don’t hold onto the yarn as if it were the lifeline on the Titanic! Just keep allowing the yarn to pass easily through your fingers and in time the tension will get to the point where you will be comfortable with it. It’s all a matter of practice! I know, I’ve been there!

Q:  Is it OK to combine colors into a single project?

Pink & Purple afghanWell, yes! Combining colors from different yarns is one of the first things new knitters learn to do. It’s so easy! Usually I use the same TYPES of yarn, just for appearances’ sake, but you can combine yarns of all types and fibers. Always be sure you are adding the yarns on one side of the knitting only; and you would weave those ends in for a smooth transition.

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Your Questions About Knitting . . . Answered!  Right here. . .

I could go on forever about knitting questions. That’s why this post is Part One of who knows how many to come!

If YOU have a question that you want answered, just let me know. Comment here or Facebook, Tweet me or find me on Pinterest and Google+.

As always, take your knitting to heart!                 Glitter heart


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