Knitting Patterns That Are Amazing!

Knitting patterns that are amazing

can be found if you really look hard enough. Just do a “knitting patterns” search on Google or wherever, and up pops numerous pages of links that may help you and then again, may not. And besides, who wants to go through 9, 430,000 search results anyway! magnifier and woolMy life would be OVER if I did that!

Seafoam ScarfFor those of us who live in the world of yarnovers, knit tbl, and p2togs, a trip to the nearest yarn store for yarn or knitting patterns is something which brings our world, our knitting world, into order. There’s a comfort factor at work here that just can’t be described. It MUST be felt. Sometimes a book can help us reclaim that wonderful feeling.

One of the most recent books on knitting to be published (just in October 2014) is titled “Knitting: Amazing Patterns that Everyone Can Knit” by Kathy Wilston. It is a mere 102 pages long; but so filled with knitting information that every page will teach you something new. 🙂

There are beginning chapters on “Getting Started” and “Basic Stitches and Techniques”. Ms. Wilston has collected her favorite knitting patterns and here they all are. Cowls and scarves, baby items, hats and this and thats. In a former post, entitled 5 Best Reasons to Knit a Scarf, I talk about why I love scarf knitting so much.

These patterns work well for a beginner or an advanced knitter. Ms. Wilston includes links to ALL of the knitting patterns and there are tutorials to brush up on your knitting techniques, too. Love it!

knitted lettersI especially love the fact that this author has included various scarf patterns. Cowls, chunky or smooth; basketweave scarf; advanced beginner scarf; dewdrop scarf, etc. are all included in the links and are easy to knit and look great when finished! Just think of the gifts you can knit and give away!

In fact, over 70 4+ star reviews tell you all you need to know. You know I always talk about the need for your knitting to be “simple.” Just by using the most colorful yarns and “right” knitting pattern, you can create awesome projects time after time!

Knitting patterns that are amazing

will amaze you! By all means, click on over to “Knitting: Amazing Patterns that Everyone Can Knit” and pick up your copy today!

You know knitting is just like any hobby. It takes some time, and lots of patience, especially in the beginning. One wrong turn or holes in our rows, and we’re tempted to just throw the whole thing out! Don’t!

Pick up a copy ofKnitting: Amazing Patterns,right HERE, right now. This book is so DO-able.

As always, take your knitting to heart!  Glitter heart

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