Friday Knitting Musings, or How to Knit a Scarf

Friday Knitting Musings, or how to knit a scarf

without 1,001 things getting in the way!

So, here it is the end of another week. How they go by so quickly is just beyond me! One minute it’s Monday morning and then it’s Friday all over again. Today we are expecting more . . . dare I say it . . . snow!! Really.

More yarn came this week. Now I can start a new project. Another project! I’m still working through my Peacock Jewel Scarf, and hope to have that done by next weekend. But, you know, little things get in the way of my knitting. I’m sure it’s that way for you, too. Like when re-heating chicken from Shop Rite I placed the styrofoam plate on the burner I had just used, then walked away to do something. By the time I looked, the plate had melted, and adhered itself to my BRAND NEW STOVE TOP!  Arghhhhh! Would this ever come out, I panicked?

Thankfully, yes it did.

Fernfrost ScarfMy newest project is called the Fernfrost Scarf. Just beautiful, in Jaggerspun Zephyr yarn. Turquoise. Nice, huh? Jaggerspun Zephyr turquoise yarn

I love my turquoise. And the pattern came from Annie’s Catalog, which you can download for a mere $6.99.

The pattern is typical for lace knitting; lots of k2togs, yarnovers, and the like. This pattern is very well spelled out. You can knit it from the written instructions or use the chart, it’s up to you! 🙂 I like well spelled out instructions.

When knitting anything, take your time, unless you’re very familiar with the pattern.

NEVER knit when you’re tired. I’ve done it, and ended up backtracking my rows because of that little MISTAKE I finally saw about 5 rows down! Just a big waste of time. So, if you feel like knitting, but just know your eyes can’t take it, then go through your knitting magazines and read those articles you’ve been putting off. Bet your eyes won’t last long there, either!

So, as I’m waiting for my shrimp scampi to finish baking, (it’s Friday in Lent you know) it’s nice to think back on the week that went by in a rush; and know that tomorrow I can begin to prepare for next week and all that I’ll do in a knitterly way!

But, not much! The weekend is for whatever I want it to be. Visiting my grand daughters, running out to stores or car washes or restaurants. Waiting for Spring. With another layer of snow on top! picture of snow in my front yarnOh well, just think of it as vanilla ice cream or creamy cotton yarn.

If given the choice, I’ll take the ice cream! Just for today.

As always, take your knitting to heart!    Glitter heart



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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    This week we have 10 degrees above normal temperatures, the heat is just takes all of my energy away. I do not feel like picking up the needles. It was almost 90 degrees yesterday humidity was about 47 % and I was just dragging me feet when I got off crossing guard duty. Thinking real seriously about retiring from it as soon as we pay off the house and car.

    • I feel the same way when it’s too hot! You don’t feel like doing anything. The humidity makes it feels 10x worse. Right now, I could do with a little warmth; we can’t get past 40 degrees here in NJ and the snow is still melting! My son is talking about moving to Florida and if he goes, most likely we’ll follow. But, that’s in the future. For now, I’m just looking for a 60 degree day!

      Happy knitting Julia!
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