Do You Struggle With Too Many Knitting Projects at Once?

Do you struggle with too many knitting projects at once, too?

In my inner circle of life, there are no knitters. Sad to say, but true. In time, I’m hoping to teach my grand daughters, Julia and Marisa how to knit and purl. Get them while they’re little I say; they’ll listen to Grammy! Because I’m all wise and knowing.

For now.

Looking at my PILE of knitting sitting in the living room, I often don’t know what I want to knit today. (I don’t like feeling so disorganized, and you can read about that in this blog post.) Do you ever feel like that? It’s there, piled high. Just waiting. So, what’s the problem?

I think it’s known as knitters-block!

balls of yarn too many knitting projectsAnd if it isn’t, then I’ve just coined a new term! Because it certainly needs to be addressed.

But let me tell you first about my Mom. She was a sewer. Someone who works with needles and thread. Sewing machines. Bobbins and presser feet. It was from her that I learned how to use a sewing machine. When I was first married, it was my Mom who bought me a brand-new Singer sewing machine.

I still have it and use it occasionally.

She had a sewing machine of her own which sat in her bedroom, usually folded up like another piece of furniture. Rarely did I see her use it or leave it open while in the middle of a project. She would sew me dresses and make little Barbie clothes, but as the years passed and she went to work, her sewing machine was used less and less.

There was a particular project that I still remember she never finished. It was a pretty Spring coat that she was making for herself. For one of those long-ago Easter Sundays; in a particularly nice color of Spring green. She had cut out all of the pieces of cloth which were still attached with straight pins to the pattern pieces.

And that’s where it stayed. For weeks, and months and years. She just never got back to it. I never saw her in her pretty green Spring coat. And she would have looked so attractive in it. I’m thinking she probably found one like it on a rack in Hahnes or Georkes or Bamberger’s Department stores and bought it.

Easy. Quick. No hassle.

Only it wasn’t hers. Her sewing project, I mean. And year after year there lay that pinned coat in the drawer under the sewing machine seat. sewing machine too many knitting projects

Tomorrow, April 2nd is my Mom’s birthday. She would have been 88. She will be gone ten years next month, in May. The 29th.

I miss you beyond words, Mom. I love you for all eternity.


My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. George Washington

Just thought I’d mention it. Some things in our lives are important; so important as to not be left behind. Even when the person is no longer present, that doesn’t mean they are forgotten.

I know what it’s like to have too many things going at once. I think we all do. That’s just the culture we live in; the everyday, little, seemingly unimportant things that make up our days. No more chopping wood or milking the cow, no more “baking day” or “wash day”, we can do those things if and when we please, that’s the beauty of it.

But, it also means we usually over-extend ourselves. Yes, we can sign up our kids for one more activity or we can say yes to one more church meeting or club membership; we have the time.

Only we really don’t. Because it gets pulled away from the time we would spend doing the things that we love best to do! And that’s how I like to think of knitting projects. Of SPENDING time. It means that much to me, and it’s time well-spent. Not just frittered away or wasted because there was nothing better to do.

We all live by the clock, even if we don’t want to admit it.

So, getting back to too many knitting projects going at once . . .

Here’s a few suggestions for you:

  1. Pick out ONE of those knitting projects and finish it completely. Yes, I know, that’s hard to do, but force yourself! Bind off and weave in the ends, add tassels or fringe, whatever needs finishing, but finish it before picking up one more knitting project. You’ll be SO happy you did.  🙂
  2. At least DON’T begin any more knitting projects. That’s easier said than done, but whatever interests you, jot it down and leave it that way until you’ve cleared room for it to commence.
  3. Do an inventory of your WIPs (that’s works-in-progress). You might even come across a knitting project you’ve forgotten about! Sort them by difficulty or intricacy. Do the easiest first or when you just want to relax; say in the evening while watching TV or movies. Save that challenging sweater for a Saturday morning when you’re filled with energy and good intentions. Take it from me! It works better that way!  😉

So, do you struggle with too many knitting projects at once?

Always, remember this: we ALL have the same 24-hour day. It’s what you do with that time that makes all the difference. Spend time wisely. You’ll never regret it!

As always, take your knitting to heart!                  Glitter heart

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