Spotlight on Affordable Knitting Yarns

The Spotlight is on Affordable Knitting Yarn in this post.

THIS is one of knitting’s most asked question. If you’ve been knitting long enough, inevitably here comes the question about yarn.

And rightly so.

If you buy an expensive thing and you never use it, I don’t think there’s a point to it. Tom Selleck


spotlight on affordable knitting yarnEver take a look at the prices on some yarns?! Granted, they are unlike anything we’ve ever knitted with before, but if you need 5, or 8, or 12 skeins, that can add up to a LOT of money; money most of us don’t have.

Of course, if it’s for a really special occasion then all bets are off, and I’m splurging. Special occasions are rare, and REAL knitting is what we usually do.



What is affordable yarn and why should we knit with yarns that are not-so-affordable?

First, let me define what I believe are affordable yarns. We all live in places where we can shop for yarn. (When I was living in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, that was a ride well taken. By that I mean, it wasn’t around the corner and you better have known exactly what you needed, because it was a long ride back!)

Places like Michael’s and Joanns. One of my favorites is A.C. Moore. Then there’s Walmart and Target and Kmart. The “big-box” stores that we all know and love and complain about but shop in anyway.

All of these stores carry “like” yarns. You know the ones; Red Heart , Lionbrand, Sugar’n Cream , Caron, their own brand names, and a lot of frilly, accessory yarn. Lots of variety, lots to choose from.

If you shop in a LYS (local yarn shop) your yarn experience is often quite different. Here is where you’ll find the pricier yarns — Filatura di Crosa, Cascade, Plymouth, Skacel, Takhi, Noro, Madeline Tosh, Trendsetter, Malabrigo, and Queensland to name just a FEW.

Just looking at and feeling these yarns run through my fingers, and immediately my mind starts racing as to what I can knit with them. They are divine! Add to these the yarns that you see in knitting magazines (Louisa Harding , Jimmy Beans Wool, Westminster Fibers, Green Mountain Spinnery, Interweave) and yarns that you can see being made before your very eyes in such places as Harrisville, NH.

I have bought knitting yarns from most of these companies, and LOVE their products. And I’ve bought the less-expensive yarns in Walmart, too.

So, why the spotlight on affordable knitting yarn?

Here’s why.

colorful ink in waterKnitting yarn is all in the eye of the beholder.

Usually the projects I knit do perfectly fine with Carons or Red Heart or Loops n Threads or Peaches’n Cream. My finished results are exactly what I was hoping for. And that makes me happy.  🙂

There are times when I want to use a yarn that is different from the pack, an upgrade, if you will; and usually these are more expensive. I just purchased a skein of turquoise yarn from JaggerSpun out of Springvale, Maine (50% wool, 50% silk) that was $24.95 for one skein. That’s all I needed, one skein. And when my scarf is finished I expect it will be dazzling!

Here are some thoughts about affordable knitting yarn:

  • Knitting is a craft. The longer you knit, the better you get at it and will try your hand at projects that are a far cry from simple knit and purl. For these specialties, you’ll be looking for the yarn to match.
  • There are knitting patterns that will ONLY work with the specific yarn called for. If that is a $37.00 skein of alpaca or silk and bamboo, then I would go with the recommended yarns. When all is said and done, your knitting may not look like “the picture”, if you use a less than recommended yarn. Am I right?
  • The Look and The Feel. If they make you happy, (or your Mom, or your grand daughter) well, you’ve found a winner!
  • Personal preference. What’s yours? Can you be happy with those less expensive yarns or do you absolutely, positively feel as if you’re not living right unless you purchase something $50. or more?
  • Remember, local yarn shops are a knitting haven. Join a group, sign up for a class, get involved! There is comfort in numbers, and knitting together is what knitting is meant to be.
  • Expensive yarn can be found in places where you can purchase it affordably. Google it, or try a site such as Where there’s a knitting will, there’s a way to those high-end skeins!

The spotlight is on affordable knitting yarn.

The good news is this: we as knitters have a G-I-G-A-N-T-I-C amount of yarn to look through. If we devoted every waking hour just to knitting, we would never get to the end of the pile! There’s that much.

Spotlight on affordable knitting yarn3So, take your pick. Which yarns to YOU love to knit with? Then think about WHY you love them so much. Could it be they bring joy to someone special? Is the color one that you cannot find “on the shelf?”

Feeling splurgy? Got lots of charity knitting to knit up? Is there a special wedding or baby gift you’ve been thinking about? Or just another item for your Etsy store?

Whatever it is, there’s a yarn for that! Affordable indeed.

As always, take your knitting to heart!       Glitter heart



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