Friday Knitting Musings

Friday knitting musings seemed like a good thing to do.

As I write this post, I’m very tired. I may knit tonight; I may not. I got up at 5:00 A.M. and drove to my son Rob’s house to watch the girls all day. He leaves for work by 5:30 and my DIL Lisa was doing a “two-day”; that’s overnight in flight attendant lingo. She flew to Houston Wednesday afternoon from Newark, then Thursday early flew from Houston to LA, then one hour later flew from LA to Newark. Then an hour or so driving home to Toms River.

Julia April 2015My girls. My grand daughters. Julia, who will be 3 in May and Marisa, who is 16 months. She is named for her aunt Marisa, her mother’s sister, who died tragically young almost three years ago from a brain infection due to Tysabri, a drug for multiple sclerosis. In four short months, this vibrant young girl, only 32, went from living a life of her own to not being able to care for herself any longer. They say the odds of contracting this infection, known as PML or Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy are small indeed; so you take the chance that it won’t be you. Marisa with Julia

No one even knows how Marisa contracted MS. They think it might have been through a tick bite. And for five years or so, her symptoms were kept at bay by the medication. Then suddenly, confusion set in. It only became worse to the point that she could no longer drive, or work. Her parents cared for her right up to the end.

It’s hard to even think about the fact that she no longer is here. Her condo in Wheat Ridge CO was put up for sale and all her belongings sold or given away. Keepsakes, of course. But, why, is my question. Why?

I often think of others faced with these same sorrows; young lives cut off sometimes with no warning. A car accident, a heart attack, a murder. There are no words for times like those. For me, there is just giving it to our Lord. To his Mother. And leaving it right there.

And going on. Trying to live a worthy life. Which is easier said than done.

Blue & White Winter afghanThat’s why I love to knit. Because when I’m all finished, there is something THERE. A scarf, an afghan, a placemat, a sweater, or baby item. SOMETHING. Not nothing. ♥

Knitting , for me, fills up the voids. It gets into the crevices and cracks of our lives. It soothes and softens the blows of life. Its calming cheerfulness is in direct opposition to the lamentations that inevitably come our way.

Some of those grievings stay for a little while. Others have found a home. All we can do is learn to live with the reality. One day at a time.

One knitting stitch in front of the next. Sometimes to k2tog or yarnover twice, and knit 2, purl 2 are the most comforting words I hear. To look through my patterns, to pick up my needles, to read what others are knitting or asking, to keep making my things; there is no equal. Well, maybe my writing and a good hot cup of tea!


In this world, full often, our joys are only the tender shadows which our sorrows cast.   Harriet Beecher Stowe

Come to knitting. Learn it if you don’t know how. There are many ways to do it. Books, DVDs, and in June my Knitting Video series. Learn a craft.

Simply Friday knitting musings, nothing more.

Knitting is a beautiful thing. Beauty is what we desire. It is attainable, very do-able, it is an achievement. It is a life work.

One knit and one purl stitch at a time.

As always, take your knitting to heart!                          Glitter heart

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your sister, I know I would be the same way if one of my 3 sisters were taken away like that. I am very close to my baby sister despite our age difference, I am 15 years and 3 days older than she is. I spent a lot of time with her when she was little until I married and left home. by that time she was 5 years old.
    My husband left yesterday to go up to Va. to spend a month with youngest son , daughter-in-law and grandsons. He took the blanket and sweater sets I had knitted for the new baby. So I am own my own for a while but still have oldest son and daughter here.

  2. Thank you Julia. Marisa was my daughter-in-law’s sister. Such a sweet girl. No one could actually believe this was happening when it did; and all the doctors kept saying she would get better. That never happened. I’m so glad we have a new little Marisa who is one of the lights of our lives!

    Enjoy your time “alone” for a while. I’m sure your son and DIL will love the knitted items! I hope you get to see the new little guy soon.

    My husband has 2 brothers, 13 and 15 years younger them him, too. They were 5 and 7 when we got married; so I know what you mean.

    It was 80 degrees today! Hurray!! Feels like summer isn’t far away. Think up some summer projects to knit!
    Cheers! Alice

  3. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I will be knitting some socks during the summer or a lacy shawl . My daughter in law sent me a couple of pictures of Hunter living on one of the receiving blankets I made. He is so cute, but still has the baby face. I can’t tell which one of his parents he looks like yet.
    I have been sick this past week with stomach issues again. Two mornings in a row I have gotten up with the the dry heaves.Nothing is in the stomach at the time it happens, so I haven’t felt like picking up the yarn and needles. I hope you understand how I feel right now. I haven’t been on the computer in several days, I read the emails on my Kindle Fire and then delete the ones I have read along with thrash emails I received.

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling poorly. That’s the worst when you have a stomach upset. In fact my little grand daughter Julia had that exact thing this morning, but when we went over for lunch she seemed perfectly fine. We had been at an ocean arcade on Friday and we think she may have picked up a little bug or something from touching everything.
      Babies are the cutest aren’t they? Sometimes it’s hard to tell who babies look like at first. Then they grow up so fast, slow down!
      I’m terrible about getting to all my emails; some days I have just enough time to look thru the ones that I think are worth something and leave off with all the rest. Then I think tomorrow I’ll go thru the big pile and that never happens and on it goes.
      Hope you’re feeling better Julia! Enjoy the coming week! Happy knitting — Alice
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