Friday Knitting Musings for May 1

Friday knitting musings are here again

Knitting musings for May 1Yesterday when I walked Piper and Scooter around the block I couldn’t get over how there was NO WIND! Absolutely nothing. Especially as I rounded the corner onto Romford Lane and you begin to walk in a northerly direction and the WIND is usually attacking your face for the entire block! Most days I would come home with a face stinging from the icy cold wind that just never wants to quit! But this walk . . .

Nothing. I really need to star my calendar on this one! For months we have been living with wind. This is New Jersey not Wyoming. But, yesterday’s walk was warm and soft on my skin. And I just bet my boys and girls loved it too. No flapping ears being turned over.

Which puts me in mind of baby yarn. You know, soft and warm. The kind of yarn that is just perfect!

So in this little post, I just want to touch on some baby yarns. Some I’ve used, some I have not, but they look so interesting.

First off there is Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn. Just beautiful, and SO soft! I used this in making a few baby blankets for my grand daughters and really like the way it holds up, too.

Secondly, there is Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn. I love all the colors. I’ve never used Vanna’s yarns, but have been tempted for sure!

Third, don’t forget Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn. Again, so many colors to choose from and I have used this yarn, and love how soft it is!

Fourth, I love this yarn. It’s Bernat Pipsqueak Baby yarn. A little bulky yarn but very soft and workable.

Fifth, this one is SO cute, Lion Brand Jamie yarn.

All of these yarns come in a variety of soft, pastel colors as well as bright, cheery colors, too. I use them all the time and love the colors! We are so lucky as knitters that there is such an explosion of yarn to buy. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. You know what happens, you go into a store to buy something specific, then are surrounded by yarns that look so good, you start changing your mind. Right?! 😉

Best of all, these yarJulia Dressns are all very affordable, and usually available in whichever colors you like. They are all so soft to the skin and knit up so nicely. I’ve used them on baby blankets, little dresses, bottle wraps, wash cloths and more.

So, be sure to check out the carousel below, for all of these yarns plus a few more!

And of course, today, is cold and cloudy, definitely not soft to the skin! But, I love the month of May. So many people I loved have passed away in this month and I’ll talk about that next week. Best of all, my grand daughter Julia has her birthday on the 23rd. She will be 3, I cannot believe it!

What yarns have you used to knit those baby items with?

As always, take your knitting to heart!     Glitter heart


P.S.  And guess what?!! We’re back to the wind! Hold on to your yarn!!  🙂




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