Arm Knitting is Stupid

Okay, so let me go out on a limb here and say it. Arm knitting is stupid.

Tangled Yarn for arm knitting is stupidAt least I think it is . It ISN’T knitting! Who ever heard of using your arms for needles and wending the yarn through them? Every time I see someone doing this it looks like the biggest mess ever.

Let me back up . . .

Last week I managed to produce zero (0) blog posts. I’ve taken on some extra writing gigs these days to help with paying our bills. They take up some time during the day and by 4:00 or so I have no interest in starting a new blog post, isn’t that terrible? I am tired. In addition to writing I babysit my grand daughters, Julia and Marisa whenever Mama goes to work. Some days she flies out and doesn’t come back (Can you imagine that! Some nerve.)

Well, actually, she overnights. Usually in Los Angeles. Or Houston, where the next day she flies to LA, then home. picture of the side of a united jet for arm knittingEither way, someone has to be at the house by 5:15 a.m. when my son leaves for work. So Grammy is there all day with my girls; and we have the best fun! Julia will be 3 on May 23rd and she’s having a Snoopy party, in case you’re interested. Marisa is almost 18 mos. and cute as a button!

So, last week I took the week off from scarf knitting writing. I just had too; kind of like a mini-vacation from creating purl-y words. There were summer clothes to pull out of bins anyway; something that takes about 3 days to get through, what with all of the re-arranging and putting away the winter stuff. So, that got done, too. Then I took an afghan off the needles and put it away for another day; seems it had two “little” mistakes in it, but I wasn’t going to waste any more time on it because it cannot go into my Etsy Store.  So, into the closet with you! For now.

Arm Knitting is stupidThen there are all of the other projects I have on NEEDLES right now; a Christmas block afghan, a mohair scarf, little cupcake purses for the Snoopy party, a new turquoise afghan and God knows what else. That only adds to the overwhelm, sometimes.

Once in a while in my knitting Internet travels, I come across articles about arm knitting. I love all of the recent articles about knitting and good health. Because that’s the truth! There is so much benefit from sitting quietly and letting the needles work their charms while the yarn slips slowly through your fingers. Now, I know THAT doesn’t happen with arm knitting!

Everyone is saying it; that knitting is good for you! For your soul, your wellbeing, your sanity. I don’t have to tell you what an upside-down world we live in. Where what once was not okay, now seems to be just fine! Rules? What rules? Whatever makes you feel good is the 21st century mantra. All that is doing is contributing to a further breakdown in society. Often, things aren’t made better, they are rendered worse by actions, because actions have consequences which we all must live by.

All I know is knitting is meditating. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at this recent article from the Huffington Post all about “Why Knitting Is The Must-Have Life Skill”.

Knitted afghan arm knitting is stupidThe author, Barbara Hannah Grufferman has quite a bit to say about why she loves knitting so much. Mostly, because knitting is such a beautiful craft! Want a sweater? Or a scarf? Placemats? Curtains? Rugs? Totes? Baby clothes? Afghans? Bedspreads? Socks? Toys? Skirts? Vests? Dishcloths? Oven hangers? I could go on and on!

No arm knitting there. And no arm knitting here, either. Because if you ask me,  it’s almost as if someone wants to dumb down knitting and I don’t like it. Knitting is an ancient craft, one that has been very popular, then fallen off the charts, so to speak. But, it’s back and it’s here to stay!

I only knit with knitting needles and it will stay that way. Because my projects are special to me; works of art, really. And when I cast off and see what I’ve created, it’s a wonder! And there’s more where that came from.

I guess I could have embedded any number of arm knitting video’s here; I just don’t want to insult anyone. If you’re into big, very big, chunky looks, then you might want to try it. Arm knitting is very limited. You’re not going to be able to do a lot with it. All you get with whatever you knit is the same look. Loopy and big.

So, stick with the needles, please. There are SO many projects to start and they will be gorgeous when finished.  😉

Knit, purl, cables, ribbing, lace; so pretty! Different sized needles will work their magic and you will feel relaxed and creative all at the same time. So, anyway, that’s my take on arm knitting. What’s yours?

As always, take your knitting to heart!    Glitter heart



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  1. Jeane Howell says:

    I totally agree with you. It’s about time someone said something. In trying to find any reason arm knitting would have a purpose, I only came up with one possibility. If some disease or handicap caused a person not to be able to use their hands for knitting, perhaps that would be a way for them to knit. I know a lady who can’t knit because her hands don’t work that well. She might be able to use her arms tho. But, the work would still be a mess.

    Having discussed this, I will open another can of worms. I hate yarn bombing. To me, it looks ridiculous. And what a waste of yarn. Whenever I see a picture of yarn bombing, I think of all the nice things that could have been made with that yarn. Even less expensive yarn can be made into something someone would use. However, that is just my personal opinion.

    I enjoy your blog.

    Jeane Howell

    • Hi Jeane,

      Thanks so much for saying that! I’ve been looking at this for awhile now and it makes no sense to me! Every pattern seems to be a jumbled mess; I don’t know HOW you keep things straight on your wrists! All the lovely things we can make, use a needle.

      Yarn bombing is a bomb in my book, too! It IS a terrible waste of yarn, isn’t it? Especially when you could use that yarn in so many useful ways, to help babies, children, those in need. It just kills me that these things have somehow gained popularity and we’re all supposed to love it.
      Thanks again for your kind comments, and enjoy your knitting! On the needles, of course 😉
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  2. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I so much agree with you on how stupid arm knitting is. A big waste of time as well as the yarn used.
    I also think yarn bombing is a waste of good yarns that deserved a better death by moths eating it than having people say what the” he hockey sticks” is that.
    After spending nearly a month in the hospital due to thyroid levels being out of control, I’m finally home. I did not have web access while in the hospital and nothing to do. My husband didn’t know how to get my needles and a skein of yarn to bring to me ,so I have not knitted a single stitch in the months of May.

    • Julia, so sorry to hear that! I would be lost without my needles. Hope you’re feeling better and able to just relax at home.
      These “new” trends in knitting, stink, in my estimation! That yarn that is wasted could be put to such good use; for pets, for animal shelters, children, anyone in hospital, hospice, what is wrong with our society! I love to think that when I knit something it will be used in a good way.
      Every time I get my grand daughters up from their naps, there’s those blankets I knitted! My dogs lounge around on old afghans that came from me, too. Warm and snuggly, happy. That’s what knitting is.
      Done on needles!
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