Do You Use a Yarn Ball Winder? A Review of One

Do you use a yarn ball winder or are you still looking?

I love anything that will make my knitting easier! Whether I find lighter needles or a new line of yarn that floats effortlessly along, I like everything that just gives us a little extra boost when we pick up our yarn and needles. Yes?

Which reminds me of my grandmother. My mother’s mother. Stella. Well, I didn’t call her that. To me she was “Baba”, when I was very little and “Granny” when my kids came along.  A short woman with dark brown hair, she was Polish and could speak the language fluently, too. She came to live with us in 1964 when we moved to Cranford. Up until then she lived on Franklin St. in Elizabeth right near Front St. where Bethlehem Steel had their big factory. That entire neighborhood was Polish and I remember her talking to some of her neighbors in that foreign language.

When she hpicture of a blue rocking chairad her own room in our house in Cranford, she loved nothing more than to sit there after supper, watching her own programs on her own TV and crocheting. She had an upholstered round rocking chair which she used for years. It had a pretty floral design to it, and she would sit there for hours just watching her shows and working on her crochet squares. Her crochet needle was infinitesimal; and her “yarn”, well, it wasn’t yarn at all, rather thread.

But her work was gorgeous. I can still picture her sitting in that chair, well a rocker actually; an upholstered barrel rocking chair in floral colors. It was similar in shape to this one, but skinnier and taller and enveloped you all the way around. Positively cozy and so conducive for knitting. Did I say knitting? I meant crocheting! Either one would do just fine!

I recall her basket next to the rocker that was always filled to overflowing with crochet thread. Most often it was some shade of Granny's tableclothwhite, although I do have a beautiful yellow tablecloth that she made and I found years later. So many times she tried teaching me the basic chain and single crochet stitches, but, I could never quite figure out how to do that with just one needle!

So, by the time I was in high school, I learned how to knit. With two needles!

My grandmother just kept crocheting away until her death on May 6, 1992. And I KNOW my love of all things crafty comes from her. She was very talented with her needles and I like to think I am too.

So, to make my life and yours just a little bit easier, there is a great product available.

It’s called the Stanwood Needlecraft YBW-A Hand-Operated Yarn Ball Winder. It is perfect for turning your large hanks of yarn into manageable balls with very little effort. How nice is that!

The clamp-on base allows it to be fastened anywhere; a table, chair, bench, or someplace else. You can use this yarn ball winder with a “swift” which is used to “catch” the yarn; but it’s not necessary. You can catch the yarn yourself or employ someone in your family to be the “catcher!” You know those old movies where someone is winding the yarn and someone else has the yarn spread out over their fingers? Usually they’re sitting in front of a large, blazing fireplace!

Using superior craftsmanship, the Stanwood YBW operates quickly and quietly. Check out these great reviews where customers love it! Over 125 five-star reviews say it all.

This is an Amazon #1 Best Seller and knitters know what they’re talking about. Very affordable, nicely made, this yarn ball winder will last you for years.

So, click here to buy one for yourself. As knitters we only want the best accessories for our quality yarns.

Do you use a yarn ball winder?

I still have crochet needles from my grandmother. I still have a wool blanket that my mother started and never finished. I still have each of them, my Mom and my Granny,  with me every time I sit down to knit. They taught me the things that matter in life. In time, I will do the same for my grand daughters.

We live in a crazy world where what’s popular today won’t be worth anything tomorrow. Stick with those things that are timeless and classic. Learn a craft. Learn knitting. You’ll have something to show for it, for sure!  🙂

As always, take your knitting to heart!                            Glitter heart

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  1. Diana Hirsch says:

    The ball winder I use comes from Nancy’s Knit-Knacks. I got it as a birthday gift about 10 years ago and it’s one really terrific ball winder. I leave it out in the living room as a piece of sculpture, and it’s large enough that I can wind super bulky yarn into cakes. It’s worth every penny. Mine is the hand-wind kind, although I believe they do have the kind with an electric motor. If you are seriously into yarn, this is it! No affiliation, just a very, very satisfied customer.

  2. Knitting accessories are so nice, I agree! Even in the yarn shop I used to frequent, the owner used a hand-wind ball winder too. They do a great job. Every serious knitter should have at least one ball winder.