Knitting Things I Have on Hand This Week

Just a few knitting things I have on hand this week.

As I’m sitting here writing this post on a Memorial Day Monday morning, it’s extremely quiet here. So quiet I can actually hear myself think! Just the birds twirping and an occasional car passing by. I live in a gated community where they cut the grass for you; only problem with that is every day (!) you are in earshot of the mowers and blowers! But not today! The sun is out and it was a spectacular weekend in New Jersey! Usually holidays are cloudy and cool affairs.

knitted cupcakes I just finished some really cool cupcake purses that I knit for my grand daughter’s birthday, which was May 23rd. These are adorable, (to quote Julia’s favorite character, Minnie Mouse) and so easy to do. I actually changed up the ruffle; it was a little difficult as it showed in the instructions, so I simply added a chain stitch to the cupcake, then did 2 rows of single crochet all the way around. If you know basic crochet stitches, this works fine.

They came out beautifully and these are great stash busters. It was an Etsy download pattern for $4.00 which you’ll love! Here’s the link for that!

I’m also working on some headbands for my own Etsy shop. Just simple knit patterns that everybody loves. Especially young girls; they can’t get enough of all the fluff and sparkle that they see. With two grand daughters still babies really, I’ll have to knit ahead just to keep up with what they’ll be wanting. knitted headband things I have on handI think whatever they ‘want’ will have to ‘bought’ by learning how to knit. That sounds like a terrific trade-off! Yes?  🙂

Did I finish my Crystal Chandelier Scarf?

Not even close! It’s been hanging out on those needles for a couple of months now; I like to knit with knitting needles not my arms. Get more done that way and it’s much more diverse.

If you missed that post, called “Arm Knitting is Stupid” just click the title. I’m thinking you WON’T be getting pictures like you see  in this post from arm knitting! Don’t dumb down my craft!

crystal chandelier scarfBack to my Crystal Chandelier scarf. Yes, it’s been reclining in my knitting basket along with about 6 other projects just waiting for the day when I cut through the top stuff and find it again. If you would like to get the pattern for C.C. scarf, just click here.

Then there are the yarns I love to use when knitting afghans for my Etsy shop. I purchased these some time ago in Walmart, I believe. Lots of good things to be found in Walmart; I have my issues with them as with any major corporation but my political rant blog isn’t set up yet! 😉 Just kidding; if I had one, I’d never be doing anything else.

These yarns are very cute and yes, you can knit an afghan with an all-cotton yarn. These are Peaches and Creme in Happy-Go-Lucky. These cones are 706 yards and just two of them will knit you up the cutest, summery afghan. If you would like the alternative which is Sugar’n Cream, they are at the link you just passed. Either way, lots of colors, lots of ideas!

So, that’s what I’m doing this week.

In-between babysitting my two cuties, Julia and Marisa while Mommy “flies in the sky” as Julia likes to say as she looks up. Then there will be writing blog posts for other people and ghostwriting ebooks on Elance.

Today is a quiet day. One to enjoy with my husband, my dogs and a quick ride over to see my girls and their father. (Mommy’s working again) We can do these things; many gave their lives so we can.

Memorial Day 2015

Remember them today, when you sit down to a bbq or drive to a resort, read, knit, watch TV and listen to music. We have all of these things because freedom was, and is, threatened in this world, and many stepped up to right the tilted world.

As always, take your knitting to heart!   Glitter heart

P.S. That’s my pretty Piper posing with one of my scarves you see in the blog featured picture. We adopted her in June 2008 when she was 10 months old. Such a silly girl; and loves her toys!








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