5 Health Perks From Knitting

5 Health Perks From Knitting

Some day5 Health Perks From Knittings I find the time to be quietly knitting; other days I think about it from afar. When the day is too beautifully perfect like yesterday was, the last thing I want to do is stay indoors and knit. Especially in June. It’s such a bright month. Just like December days are short and sweet in their own ways, they are not very bright. Even when the sun is shimmering like gold.

Sunday I made my spaghetti sauce and brought it over to my son’s house where we all enjoyed spaghetti, meatballs, and Italian bread. And we were all “eating together” as my grand daughter Julia correctly observed. Then we spent an hour or so just relaxing in the backyard, with the radio playing, the girls blowing bubbles and the sun high in the sky.

We decided to head to Seaside for ice cream and were almost there when a call came through saying there looked like activity back at the house in the sunroom. My son and his wife were checking the camera’s on their phones, and could see two police officers at the front door. What! So, we headed back in a hurry. Turns out the fans were on in the sunroom and an errant balloon left over from Julia’s birthday party two weeks ago was flying all around, sending all the wrong signals to the security company! Silly balloon! We eventually did get our ice cream; I had my heart set it on it!

Funny how little things make all the difference. Little things like balloons, trips to get ice cream and yarn. Because when you think about it, these are the very things which keep us sane. That prevent us from too much over-indulgence. That keep us within earshot of the next reality check.


5 Health Perks From Knitting


Who doesn’t want to be healthy?

After all, try doing anything when you’re not feeling well! Even little disturbances can send us all out of whack; to the point where all we want to do is just sit there with our eyes closed, hoping the bad feeling will just melt away permanently. Then you don’t feel like doing the things you love. Even when there’s time for them. For more on this, see my post here.


That’s why it’s so nice to know there are REAL health benefits to knitting. Perks that do make all the difference. 🙂

  1. It’s a known fact that knitting, or any craft, makes you feeling happier. Doing something worthwhile, crafting with your hands and your brains, is a definite mood-booster.
  2. Knitting calms you down. There is nothing like taking up your needles and yarn when some bad news in on your doorstep. Worried about paying your bills? Just got a huge hospital bill and you have no idea how to pay it? Just lost your job? You owe family money you borrowed, and now can’t pay it back? Are you waiting on a medical test result? My first recommendation is to give it all to the Lord, then pick up your needles and have a go. Just do it. And keep doing it. Let the monotony, the sameness sink in. Let your fingers automatically go where they go; all of the loops and curves will find their own way.
  3. Knitting is so nice in a crowd. Are you part of a knitting circle already? Do you want to be? The closeness of knitters and their stories will simply astound you. Many is the person who has in total desperation picked up their knitting needles believing they are the only ones who are going through a particular moment in time, only to find they are NOT alone; there are so many who have been right where they are, have gone through just what they are now experiencing, and lived to tell about it!
  4. Knitting is good exercise. If you have arthritis or other hand problems, better still. Just working slowly through stitches can give your fingers a new lease on life. Never stop moving and never give up.
  5. Lastly, knitting and the crafting life is good for your brain. You are far less likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s when using your brain. Knitting requires not only dexterity, but also brain-power. Putting together a pattern, figuring out yardage and stitches; it’s all part of keeping your little ol’ brain intact.

There is NO hobby quite like knitting. It’s easy to learn and a skill that you will have forever! Everyone you know will benefit from your expertise. No one needs to be left behind when it comes to your needles. (And I like to knit with needles; for more on THAT, see this.)

Some of the most beautiful things I have in my house are directly from my knitting needles. I am amazed at what you can make; it’s all available today!

So, the next time you’re stressing over an alarm going off, or wondering how to pay the next big bill, remember, we’ve all been there, and sometimes still are! But, there are stress-relievers for you and for me! Little things that help tremendously! And unlike balloons, they are anything but a bunch of hot air!  ♥

As always, take your knitting to heart!       Glitter heart




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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    During the month of May I was sick during the last week of April with a stomach issue and was just getting back to where I could keep food down when I fell asleep waiting for the time to go out on my crossing guard duty on the 8th of May . I woke up in an ambulance being taken to the hospital here in Lakeland, my thyroid blood levels were out of control. I spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital and me asking my husband to get me some yarn and needles went right over his head , he didn’t even hear me. I was so bored in the hospital with nothing to do, books had already been read, and TV was beginning to sound the same on all the channels.

    Then I was transfered to the VA hospital in Tampa where I spent a week there. I was diagnosed with inner ear hearing loss in both ears and had to get hearing aids which were picked up on Thursday June 11.
    While in the hospital my son came home on leave with the new grandson and brought him up to my room where I could see him and hold him. He is 4 months old now. The sweater I knitted for him will soon be out grown. Good thing I made one in a 12 month size and sent it along with the other one.

  2. Wow, glad you’re feeling better Julia! So glad you got to see your son and grandson. He’ll be an inspiration for some new knitting, I’m sure. TV is mostly awful; we watch the old movies from TCM and reruns of shows on the retro channels. I love Blue Bloods, but it’s all repeats until the Fall.
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