5 Easy Lace Knitting Patterns For Everyone!

5 easy lace knitting patterns for everyone!

Just last week I wrote a post about all of the things you need when getting ready to do lace knitting. That pretty openwork look that goes beyond knit and purl. Goes beyond cables and ribbing, even. Lace knitting looks terribly complicated; yet it is usually following a simple pattern of rows, then repeating those rows until you have your desired length. You can see Successfully Learn Lace Knitting in 5 Easy Steps by clicking on the link you just passed by.

In order to actually knit something, you do need a pattern or two. In this post, there are five lace knitting patterns, all easy enough or not, for making something really pretty! Choose one or print them all out, but knit something today! 🙂

Manor Ridge Dr., Shohola PA lace knittingJust the other day while driving to Toms River, I noticed the first of the Queen Anne’s Lace which grows wild along the sides of the roads all summer long. We had them on the street where I lived in Pennsylvania, and there I got a close-up of their intricate beauty. Just to the left, in this picture is where that pretty flower multiplied in stands of flowers waving in summer breezes. Also, no one came in mid-summer and mowed them down, either!

Queen Anne’s lace does look very lacy and that’s the way you want your lace patterns to look, too. Now that we’re into July already (!) a light, flowery look is always just the right touch wherever you go. A simple shawl or shrug (I really have to make another one of these very soon), or a light scarf or afghan can change your entire look.

You never know where you’ll need an extra something wrapped around your shoulders in summer. It’s hot a farm field of queen anne's lace like lace knittingoutside but go inside and it might be freezing! Movie theaters were always notorious for this and restaurants, too, can be overly chilly. A few weekends ago, my daughter-in-law Lisa and I went to see Barry Manilow in concert at the Prudential Center in Newark. It was cold in there, but with all of the almost 20,000 fans I didn’t need my light sweater even though I brought it along. The girl next to me, however, sat enshrouded in something for the entire show!

BTW, Barry is fabulous!!!

So, if you feel like knitting something light and airy to watch the stars or relax on your deck or boat, then try one of these 5 easy lace knitting patterns.

  1. An easy lace scarf knitting pattern.
  2. This one is one of my favorites. Seafoam and lace!
  3. Seashells even if you don’t live near the beach.
  4. Twisted lace that looks so pretty!
  5. A beginner lace pattern from AllFreeKnitting.com

Gossamer Morning scarf lace knitting

Knitting lace scarves or cowls, afghans or sweaters is VERY easy! It’s all about following the pattern, being careful, and repeating until done. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your pattern will look once you get going; to non-knitters, it will look like you have the knitting gift!

And you do. It’s one of the secrets to knitting. Easy, yet seemingly not.

So try one of the 5 easy lace knitting patterns.

In fact, it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts!

As always, take your knitting to heart!        Glittery heart in sparkly red




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