Knitting Independently Because You LOVE to Make a Difference

Knitting independently because you LOVE to make a difference!

Knitting IndependentlyThe Fourth of July is upon us! Just like that. We go from freezing temps and icy winds to comfortable clothes and no jackets. Where all the landscape is a wedding-cake world, to green and every other color in-between!

And so, my knitting goes on. Just last night I was happy about starting another project; a fish-net vest that looked easy enough. I had cast on a few days ago, then pulled it all off because I forgot one little “k1” in the instructions to be added all along Row 1. Then the first couple of rows went along without a hitch. When I went to pick up where I left off last night, fuggedabboutit!

Total disarray, followed by vague confusion. That’s it for me. I tore those stitches off that needle faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Then, very patiently, I got out my computer and went hunting for something else to knit. I wasn’t about to let 700 yards of pretty cotton yarn go to waste! Even though I’m not done with my turquoise afghan yet, or the 4-5 other projects on needles. Do you do that too?  🙂

I found a pretty lace scarf pattern. Imagine that. Easy to do and well written out, don’t you love it! Here’s where I’m at so far:

Knitting independently

And here’s the pattern for you! Just click on over to Crystal Palace yarns.

And it will go quickly, I can tell. Perfect for wherever I go; in the car, to my son’s or on my comfy couch. When my daughter comes to visit, I can work on my knitting. If I went to the beach it would follow me there, too. I prefer the boardwalk these days.

knitting independently for harley & teddyFor those of you who love dogs, let me give you a link to Flat Harley & Teddy. These two little cuties spent years in puppy mills and were on the verge of death when rescued. Now they both reside in loving homes in Colorado, where you can follow their adventures at Harley here and Teddy here. They just make my day, these two!

We need to get the word out about the horrors of puppy mills! They are part of the National Mill Dog Rescue organization and these little guys do such good work traveling and rescuing dogs in puppy mills! Read their stories at the links above!

They can do that because they live, and so do we, in a great country! We can make a difference too. With the little things we knit and give away. Maybe you love to sell on Etsy as I do. Or at craft fairs as I do.  Or just from the comfort of HOME.

Over the years, there is no place I’d rather be. Sitting here at my computer, or in my living room, reading on the porch or family room, browsing through knitting books and yarn catalogs.  Walking my dogs, listening to my favorite music, trying to tweak my creativity every day in every way I can think of. That’s being independent. Something most of the rest of the world doesn’t have.

So, enjoy your Fourth of July weekend! Remember not to shoot off those fireworks if you have a veteran living in your neighborhood and love your life and your family and your country! That’s all we can do. Make a difference right where we are. Little discernment’s on our part equal a whole lot of difference when put together with everyone else’s. We CAN change the world.

Just ask those Founders who gathered in Philadelphia one hot July 239 years ago. If only . . .

Be someone who will be knitting independently!

As always, take your knitting to heart!  Glitter heart knitting independently

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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    I started a sock toe up on size 2 needle that I have taken off the needle 5 or 6 times before I finally got it set up properly .I am using Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in black. I can only work on it in the day since black yarn is so hard to see stitches at night.

    • You’re absolutely right about that Julia! Seeing shades of yarn or thread is sometimes impossible! I used to do needlepoint years ago and there were always different tints of one color that I swear you couldn’t make out in the light at night! Used to drive me crazy. Even now, black yarn is hard to discern. I wish I had a dollar for everything I’ve ever thrown off needles and started again!

      Have fun sock knitting! Cheers. Alice
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