Knitting Yarn – Where Does Yours Come From?

Knitting yarn – where does yours come from?

There has been a very interesting discussion going on at Knitting Paradise an extremely informative forum where you can find answers to many of life’s knitting questions. Entitled “Even More Depressed” it’s a lively discussion all about where knitting yarn comes from.

There are laments about what is happening in your town to stores which carry yarn and how many LYS (local yarn shops) have and are disappearing! The initiator of this post is seeing yarn departments downsizing. But why? 🙁

I live in New Jersey. You know, the state with a store on every corner. (In fact, that could be the state’s nickname. Are we really the Garden State?) Not far from me is an A.C. Moore, a Michael’s and a Jo-Ann’s stores. Sprinkled in-between is a Wal-Mart and Tuesday Morning store.

Not a LYS in sight! Of course, years ago there was a little yarn store right where Manchester Twp. meets Toms River on Rt. 37, but it’s been long gone. Now, the closest yarn shop is about 20 miles away. I’ve yet to get to it. But, it’s on my list for the next few weeks. Years ago, when my kids were little, we had a Herrschner’s craft store in Bricktown. I loved that store! Then, one day I walked in and I could see it was getting ready to close.

Yarn shop Jill Deal

Jill Deal corner shop


The same can be said for Frank’s which was another nice craft store and my absolute favorite, Treasure Island Store! Again, history! One of my favorite shops which closed recently was located in Milford, PA. Called Jill Deal Inc. it was a lovely yarn shop located at the corner of Harford and Broad Sts. at the one traffic light in town. I LOVED the yarns and the patterns that were there; the day we moved I can recall driving past it and thinking “one of these days” I’ll be back. That’s not going to happen anymore either.


So, here’s what I’d like to know:

  • What yarn stores are near to you?
  • Do you have a nice local yarn shop nearby?
  • What used to be close to home, and what is now no more?
  • How do you feel about buying your yarn online? Is it because it’s easier or because there’s more selection online?
  • What do YOU think the future of knitting will be?


One observation made in this discussion, which you can find here, is that young people today don’t look at crafting in the same ways we do. They want something knitted or crocheted in 2 hours or a weekend only; it’s almost as if they don’t have time for beautiful crafting, don’t knit or crochet or quilt like we do. They want it quickly or asap, just like their easy dinners and fast texting.

knitting yarn where do you get yoursThere is a PLEASURE to knitting. A pleasure that isn’t for an hour to two. It happens as you knit your scarf or sweater, as your afghan starts to gain great length, as you see little baby or chemo caps taking shape and you know you made that! It wouldn’t be here if not for you. And it didn’t happen overnight. Or on a weekend jaunt. You may be spending weeks or a few months on everything you want to knit.

A second observation is that yarn and yarn stores are where the demand is. I’m lucky because living in Ocean County we have many retirement and active-adult communities. Clubs abound and during the months leading up to Christmas and the holidays we have weekend after weekend of craft fairs where many beautiful crafts are displayed for sale.

So, how’s the knitting in your neck of the woods? 🙂

Yes, I’ve been seeing some downsizing of yarn departments, and I often wonder just WHO is in charge of the knitting yarn department?!? Because their selections are awful and much of what they offer is really good for not much. And if you’re reading this in Ocean County, listen up! Maybe if enough knitters put in genuine complaints and said specifically what we don’t like about yarn sections in stores, someone would listen. After all, they are there to make money, yes?

That’s my take on what’s going on with knitting yarn these days. Things change and cultures move away from or towards certain interests and hobbies, it’s only natural. Remember letter writing? I didn’t think so.

Read the discussion on the Knitting Paradise forum and tell me what you think. It’s in the Main section started on July 4th.

As always, take your knitting to heart!                    Knitting yarn where does yours come from


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  1. Julia Dawn Mason says:

    When I buy yarn it is at Walmart , JoAnns or Michaels or I buy on line at Elann or Knit Picks. Right now though I am waiting to buy more yarn till I use up some of what I have already. Some of it is still in original wrappings some still need to be wound into center pull cakes.

    • Most of my yarn is bought at A.C. Moore and occasionally JoAnns. Lately, they have a lot of goofy yarn, is you ask me, nothing I would buy. Michaels seems to be shrinking daily, so for any specialty yarns it’s KnitPicks or Amazon. Sometimes Jimmy Beans Wool, they are another good resource for yarn.