5 Reasons To Buy Knitting Yarn Now

5 reasons to buy knitting yarn now!

5 reasons to buy knitting yarn nowWow, this week flew by! One day it’s Monday then it’s the weekend again. When you’re busy time passes quickly. I’m sort of in a limbo this week; in-between writing assignments and waiting to hear back with new work. So, it’s been back to organizing my knitting life.

Also, my home office is in desperate need of a re-do. I’ll wait for August to tackle that; I’m in no mood now that I’ve found numerous knitting projects once again to rip up a spare bedroom until then.

We live in a great country. That being said, there are many problems out there. My take on most of them are that there is a real disconnect between pols and people. Millionaire politicians have no need for us, as long as we pay our taxes and shut up. But, the power of social media is disrupting all of their cozy lives.

Every day we hear about looming terrorist attacks, lone wolves, and illegal immigrant felons who have crossed into this land time and time again to murder and ransack. Local crime seems like it’s on the rise, and depending on who you listen to, life in America can be a whirling good time or it can be the ride into hell. One thing’s certain, no one knows for sure.

I often wonder about all of these recent “computer glitches” that are hitting BIG companies such as the NYSE and United Airlines. Coincidence? You be the judge. Personally, I don’t believe ANYTHING the government tells me. That’s just me. Hackers seem to be getting into everything; not that we can’t do the same to them.

It maBluesy yarnkes me nervous. And it makes me want to knit.

So, if you missed my last post, entitled “Knitting Yarn – Where Does Yours Come From?“, please read. There are a lot of great insights there, and reading what other knitters are thinking about the exact same things that I do, is food for thought.

Now, that we’re into summer, full throttle, I thought it might be fun to give you some really good reasons to buy your knitting yarn NOW. In between those visits to the beach or taxiing your kids to pool lessons or the library, here are

5 reasons to buy knitting yarn now:

  1. Because there’s no time like the present. Today may be a quiet day for you. I know it is for me. The weather is not too nice, and I have the time to pop on over to my favorite yarn haunt and browse away! I LOVE looking at all of the new yarns that suddenly appear on the shelves; and I’m always hopeful that they will have that ONE yarn I’m always looking for in-store, but inevitably wind up buying online, because they never carry it! Hope springs eternal.
  2. Because by September there’s too much else to do. Think about it. If you’re a teacher and have the summer off, by September you’ll be gearing up once again for a new school year. Or if your kids are going off to college or just getting ready again for school, there’s a LOT to do and money to be spent in other ways.
  3. Because you have an upcoming special event. Babies take their time being born, and that’s a good thing, because you can knit up lots of goodies for those precious little ones before they arrive. The same can be said for weddings; a one-of-a-kind afghan or lacy shawl will be appreciated long after the ceremony has come and gone. What’s coming up in your life in the coming months?
  4. Because buying in bulk saves you money. Just like buying food at BJ’s or Costco can save you a heap of money, buying your knitting yarn in bulk can save you money, too. Many times you’ll find sales or offers on doing just that. Let’s face it, we can never have enough yarn!
  5. Because you’ll have lots of stash put away for the future. No one knows what the future will bring. And I always want to be knitting. So, it’s important to ME to know that next week or next month I can open the doors on my knitting armoire and pick out the perfect yarn for my next knitting project! How cool is that! 🙂

I know and you know how quickly time passes. As I started out this blog post saying one week seems to just melt into the next; before we know it summer will be a memory (don’t SAY that!), and we will be heading for holidays and colder-r-r-r weather.

So, for today, (or tomorrow) buy some knitting yarn. (BTW, I LOVE this yarn!) I just thought I’d mention it, knowing how busy we all do get. There’s something for everyone out there and even if you have yarn, you can never have enough! Think about that next pair of socks or sweater you’ll be knitting, or another pretty afghan for charity, or knitted toys for a church bazaar. There’s SO much to do!

Follow the links above or click here to find some knitting yarn ideas!

As always, take your knitting to heart!5 reasons to buy your yarn now

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