Shine a Light, Knitting Bright

Postcard from Pike County PABefore we made the move BACK to New Jersey in 2013, my husband and I lived in Pike County, PA, which is in the extreme northeast corner of the state. Beautiful, rural, with roads that lead you to places you’ve never seen before and may never see again.

We lived in a small association where each home had between 3 and 4 acres of land between. Most of that land was still given over to woods, or large portions were covered in brambles and ferns. There was really no “plan” to go out and clear any of those trees from your property; it was just too pretty as you looked around every morning at the glories of nature all around you.

Living in such a rural setting gave me the chance to see a lot of wildlife that I’ve never seen before and probably won’t see again up close. Like the day a mother duck ran me and my dogs up the road because we had come too close to her brood of ducklings who were laying undercover in the ferns. She literally chased me up the road and wouldn’t stop until I had turned the corner onto the main road! Talk about protection!

Or the HUGE black bear who stopped in our yard to scratch his back on the utility pole halfway up our l-o-n-g driveway; when he stood up, so help me, he was 10 feet tall!

animals eyes staring out from the dark woodsSome of the best stuff was at night. We had NO streetlights on our unpaved road, just one lonesome street lamp way down at the beginning of the road, which was not visible to our house at all. So, it was dark! The only times you could comfortably see  was during a full moon; then the trees threw long shadows and it almost looked like dusk, the moon shone so bright!

Every time I took my dogs out at night, I brought along my trusty handled lantern. As I came down the six steps and stepped onto the grass in front, I would do a long sweep one way with the lantern, shine a light, then arc it to the left and sweep it there as well. How many times I caught shining eyes reflecting back at me!

Woo-eeee-eee! Cue the spooky music! I had no idea what I had caught in my “headlight”, but it never moved and would sit still in the part of the brush where it was hoping I wouldn’t stray. Naturally, we went the other way. Occasionally there was a mother deer with her little ones in our side yard; she never bolted away, just continued to graze quietly and I would steer my dogs to the other side of the house.

Most evenings I would walk into that side yard where the grass was low, amidst trees and bordered by a fern forest which led up a hill to the property next to ours. As I stood there waiting for my dogs to do their things, I would cast my beacon into the darkness yet again. Up behind the house next door, way off in their backyard was an old shed; I never saw anyone use it in the 8 years we were there; but parked behind it was an old small gray pickup truck. You couldn’t see much of the truck, only the backend hung out from the shed. But, when I scanned the dark night, I would catch the reflective back lights on that truck every time. Far away and glowing red. Spooky!

Which made me think about reflective yarn.

There is such a thing, you know. In some VERY pretty colors, too! 🙂 Reflective yarns for when you’re feeling reflective or introspective, or philosophical. (Which reminds me, I mis-laid a book I want to read; have you ever looked ALL over your house in bookshelves and end-tables, even very obscure places in the hopes that you’ll find what you’re looking for! So, far, no luck . . .  🙁

Anyway, yarn colors MAKE your knitting. Along with the best stitch for whatever it is you’re knitting, the C-O-L-O-R will make all the difference. You can decide to knit in one color, or two, or a variegated or self-striping yarn. Those are fun. Right now I’ve just started a new afghan (for my Etsy shop) and the yarn I’m using is Red Heart Unforgettable yarn in Stained Glass! Yes, pretty!


 Which just proves my point that you don’t have to use very expensive yarns when knitting anything! For more on Red Heart yarns and what they mean to me, see this post.

Reflective yarns can be used for so many things.

Something you want to knit that will POP, will be a hit with reflective yarn. The nice thing about it is they come is SO MANY colors! Just this morning my husband and I were in Lowe’s looking for some green paint for our back porch. I picked up a brochure for Olympic paints in Whites.

Did you know you could buy Parchment Paper, Ivory Tower, Crumb Cookie, String of Pearls, Adobe White, Creamy White, Treasure Map, Heavy Cream, Milk Paint, Navajo White, Brandied Pears, Bone White, True White, Moonlit Snow, Off White, and quite a few more, not to mention just WHITE. Hard to believe that there are SO many varieties!

That’s how you’ll feel with Red Heart Reflective Yarn. There’s Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Purple, Peacock, Neon Orange and more!

Just scroll below to the CAROUSEL, give it a whirl, and take your pick!

So, the next time you go walking after dark, wear your reflective vest or scarf made from reflective yarn and shine a light. Knitting bright never looked so good.

As always, take your knitting to heart!                       5 reasons to buy your yarn now



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