Knitting Clutter Control – August Knitting Organization Project Part 2

So, it all started with this.

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March 2015

We’ve been moved into our home in New Jersey for over 2 years already, and our second bedroom quickly became my junk haven. Everything I didn’t need or couldn’t figure out what to do with went there. Stuffed into the closet, the desk, the bookshelves and all of my knitting was smashed and smushed into the armoire.

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I’m changing, what I’m “fixing”, and more importantly . . . WHY, and how those things affect productivity & knitting workflow.

You’ll most likely pick up some creative ideas of your own as we go, and I love that! Because to become a more successful person, you (and I) need to become MORE organized, more in touch with what we own and more aware of why it is we cling to things. Usually things we can no longer use.

I’ll share the actual room changes, and also my thinking as it applies to putting all things KNITTING into their places. I’ll journal the WHOLE THING on my Scarf Knitting Facebook page, so be sure to check there often for updates. Your input is welcome as I go! If you’ve done this yourself, then please share your good tips with me and everyone; we’d love to hear! 🙂

If you missed the first part of my Knitting Clutter Control Project, you can find it right here! 🙂

Knitting Clutter Control is as important as any other mess! There are a couple of reasons I’m rearranging my knitting mess and reorganizing all of that and my office:

First, because it MUST be done! I can’t stand it any longer. You know the feeling, just looking at some sort of mess and knowing, KNOWING you have to take action, but keep closing the door and walking away. That’s not the solution. That fixes nothing.

And secondly, for increased productivity and efficiency. Even for knitting, yes! (In case you’re asking.) I want to know that when I walk in that room for a knitting pattern, a knitting book, knitting needles, my bills, my files, anything to do with Scarf Knitting or its posts or articles, or ebooks (coming SOON!) or reference material, I can find it easily. By simply walking to the PLACE where it is!

I have ambitious goals for my blog, Scarf Knitting, and nothing will fall into place until I am organized! That’s why it’s time to kick things into HIGH gear!

This post will show you my “before pictures.” Right now, it’s a terrific mess in progress. But, every day I take at least 30 minutes and go through something else. I’ve uncovered patterns that I forgot about, books I didn’t know I had stored there and come up with some really efficient ideas for getting it ALL under control! 🙂

Let me give you a quick tour as it is now:

Breaking Bad Knitting Habits


Breaking Bad Knitting Habits2


I acquired that beautiful armoire for all of my knitting on Craigslist right after we moved here. It had been for sale for 3 months prior and I thought for sure someone would grab it, but I guess it had my name on it. I LOVE it for all of my stash and stuff. Because we knitters have both!

My beautiful bride doll collection needs to be moved, and another bookcase will make its way in too; I love my books and need them, too, to be organized! I also have a wall of calendars, some of which you can see here, but they can stay for now.

Don’t you just love the stacks on my desk vicinity? I mean, seriously, how do you make heads or tails out of that?! What I’m not seeing I’m forgetting. Not good. I may even find a new place for the printer. At this point, I don’t even use the desk to sit at, I just can’t “fit” myself in! LOL.

Breaking Bad Knitting Habits 3


Breaking Bad Knitting Habits5


Breaking Bad Knitting Habits6


Okay, you can say it, “gross!”, right? Even the Duke would agree with you! (He’s on the clock.)

Everything is just a MESS! Who can think like that? I realize, and have often heard that creative people are not very organized. It’s just our nature. Sometimes, I feel so inspired in my “creative chaos” and actually thrive. Yet, I know it holds me back.

That being said, I know I’m at a point where my workspace is holding me back. How about you? I’m not set up to easily grab my projects or know what my next move will be, because I can’t see beyond the mess!

My goal for the remaining months of 2015 is to get organized and streamlined, so I can run my blogging business and my knitting more easily — and achieve more in less time. That’s why this organization is necessary for a “working flow” with my day to day tasks.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how organization (or lack of it) affects your productivity and workflow, and your goals for this last half of the year . Because knitting clutter control is that important!

As always, take your knitting to heart! (If you can find it!) 😉                                         Glitter heart



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